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We make it easy and affordable to organise and manage events, and to sell tickets.

Fienta is here to help event organisers get to know and understand their customers, while providing a slick platform for marketing, meaning easy promotion of events, and better ticket sales.

Fienta treats you fairly, meaning you’ll be able to get the rewards from your event that your efforts deserve. We give you a great spot on our site, and all the support and personal attention you need to make your event page the best it can be. We feel existing ticketing conglomerates are not fit for purpose in this era of distributed commerce. They don’t benefit big business, or gig-economy freelancers. We do.

And another thing about those big ticketing sites that you usually have to wade through to buy your event tickets, or to advertise your concert or show: they’re not helping you. This is because many of the established ticketing sites add or pass ticketing fees to the buyer, meaning a more expensive event for those wanting to sign up to events, and a less satisfactory result for you, the organiser.

Another thing: a great deal of our competitors are not built for easy event discovery. On these old-fashioned ticketing sites, in between ads for competitors, and spam about forthcoming events in other cities that you live far away from, is irritation for the user. For the organiser, analytics are minimal if they exist at all, making preparing your venue an act of guesswork.

Simplicity and Excellence: Your Event Comes First

The people at Fienta think you don’t deserve to be treated like that. That’s why we make it the essence of simplicity for users to find your event, totally convenient for them to book and pay for tickets, and as easy as scanning a code for organisers to process tickets when people arrive on the night. It’s the end-to-end solution we know you need, rigorously tested on the market.

The conferences, concerts, sporting events, plays, musicals, gala dinners, opera festivals, and alumni events that have been organised through Fienta all have something in common: their organisers, and the people who attended the events, were able to focus on the night itself, with no distractions. Humans are social beings, and we need to be free to enjoy ourselves without the nagging thought that something has been left to chance. Fienta is your personal events planner, to make sure all goes according to plan.

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, the birthplace of Europe’s most exciting and innovative startups, Fienta offers event solutions for everyone. Whether you’re planning a drawing night, a novelist’s reading, a graduate ball, or a music festival, Fienta has got you covered.


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Fienta Ticketing OU


Parnu mnt 470B Tallinn 10914, Estonia

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+372 54004321 (Weekdays 9-17 GMT+3)