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About Fienta

Since 2014, we have strived to build the simplest and fairest event ticketing platform out there. All our staff members are event organisers and musicians.

What makes us unique?

  • Fienta is self-served. You can sign up and set up your event in minutes. As you have complete control over your event, you can change anything later, even when the sales have started.

  • We believe in fair pricing and simplicity, so we do not add any fees on top of your ticket prices.

  • Our check-out process is free of clutter and unnecessary features. Your buyers do not need to register or sign in.

  • Our pricing, which covers all payment fees, is simple and among the best in the world.

Who is using Fienta?

Conferences, festivals, concerts, theatres, cinemas, sports events, school reunions and many others in 100+ countries use us to sell tickets, register attendees and accept payments.

We sell thousands of events each month from about a thousand event organisers.

Create your event You can start with draft to check out our features.

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