Free events


Fienta is free to use for free events. Issuing complimentary tickets to your partners and friends in context of paid events is also free.

Paid events


Min 0.4 euros per order, plus VAT 20% where applicable. Our price includes all payment fees which are often added to list price by similar services.

Your event

Attendees pay

Fienta fee

Plus VAT 20% where applicable

You earn

No hidden fees

There are no sign-up, monthly, or payout fees. We just charge you based on the actual ticket sales volume. Using Fienta is completely free if you issue free tickets.

Built-in payment processing

Credit card and regular invoice payments are built in. You do not need to sign-up with payment providers, just enter your event and start selling tickets in minutes.

Monthly payouts

We pay out on monthly basis. No need to wait until your event has ended.

Give us a try, it's free

Signing up is free. In a few minutes, you are ready to publish your event and sell your tickets.

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