Platform for event ticketing & registration

We have tools for ticket sales, payment processing, automatic invoicing, attendee registration, sales- and marketing analytics.

  • Use event page on Fienta or embed ticket sales on your own website.
  • Simple and secure check-out for your ticket buyers.
  • Sell tickets in multiple languages.
  • Credit card and regular invoice payments built in. No need to sign up with payment providers.
  • Invoices are automatically generated and sent to your buyers.
  • Monthly payouts.
  • Easy to use, you can start selling tickets in minutes.

Sign up for account

Sign up and log in as organiser. Creating an account and publishing events is free of charge. Registering users for free events is free as well.

Create & publish your event

Create your event page, set up ticket types, prices, quantities, dates, discounts and optional questions for user registration.

Promote, share & analyse

Publish and share your event. Keep an eye on real-time overview of sales and channel performance figures, optimise your marketing accordingly.

Validate tickets

Validate the tickets at the door using our mobile app or hardware scanner. Payouts to your bank account are done on monthly basis.

Overview of features

Ticket sales

Ticket types and prices

Sell various types of tickets and set different prices.

Free events

When issuing free tickets, the whole payment step is skipped during the checkout process.


You can set the number of available tickets for both the whole event and for certain ticket types.

Sale times

You can set sale times for both the whole event and for certain ticket types only. For example, you can create an Early Bird ticket, available only until a certain date.

Discount prices

You can define discount price for each ticket type, applied upon entering a discount code.

Hidden tickets

It is possible to hide tickets from the public visitors and show them only for those who enter the code. This allows you to create special tickets for partners, volunteers or for a specific marketing campaign.

Optimal check-out page

Our check-out process is free of clutter and unnecessary features.

Complimentary tickets

Fienta includes a tool to send complimentary tickets to your volunteers, sponsors or winners of social media campaigns.

Participant registration

Attendee registration

You can add custom questions to our checkout page. For example, ask for name, company and dietary preferences from conference attendee.

Attendee list

A list of attendees with all the answered questions for data processing or e-mailing.

Event page

Event page

Your event gets a dedicated page at Fienta. You can set its cover image, main color and event description, also add a map with directions.

Integrate with your website

You can embed the ticket buying process into your own website.

Mobile friendly

Our user experience is optimised for variety of mobile devices, so everything is usable and fits nicely on even the smallest screen sizes.


You can sell your tickets in one or multiple languages at the same time. At the moment we support English, Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish, but we are adding languages on an ongoing basis.


Data on the ticket

You can add your own picture and text to the ticket. For example, include event schedule, map of the location and sponsor logos.

Mobile ticket

The email sent to buyer includes all ticket information: event title, time, venue, purchased ticket type and QR code.

PDF ticket

For those who wish to print out the ticket, we also include an old school PDF attachment in the ticket email.

Single and compound tickets

When creating the event, you can choose whether separate tickets or one compound ticket is sent out when buying multiple tickets. The latter is useful when your attendees usually arrive together.

Payment methods and billing

Bank links and credit cards

Your customers can pay by bank links or credit cards. All payment options are part of Fienta and as organiser, you do not have to sign up with additional banks or payment providers.

Sales invoices

When requested, we send the buyer a sales invoice on behalf of your organisation along with the tickets.

Payment by invoice

It is possible to pay by invoice and manual bank transfer. After placing the order the tickets are reserved and will be sent out upon receiving the payment.

Free events

In case of free events, the payment step is skipped during the checkout process. You can also mix free and paid tickets within one event to send complimentary tickets to sponsors, for example.


We make the payouts on first business days of each month, for last month sales. From payout, we deduct our fee and send you the corresponding invoice, marked as paid.

Validating tickets

Mobile app

You can validate tickets using our free mobile app for iOS or Android.

Code scanner

It is also possible to use various combinations of code scanners and computers to validate tickets.


The real-time ticket validations report shows you the number of people attended.



You can get an email notification each time a new order is completed.

Change data at any time

It is possible to change event description, prices, availability and any other detail at any time.

Manage orders

You can update customer information, re-send tickets, create new invoices and split compound tickets into single tickets if needed.

Reporting and analytics

Sales reports

Fienta shows you real-time reports on sales, orders, attendees and validations.

Monitoring sales channels

You can add a referral parameter to the links shared in different environments, for analysing the effectiveness of these sales channels.

Web analytics

Use Google Analytics (GA) for deep understanding of your marketing channels and customer behaviour. If you use the same GA account in your own website and in Fienta, you can track your customers from discovering the event to completing the purchase. Advanced users can also enable Ecommerce Analytics which pulls the order details from Fienta to GA.

Data export

All reports and customer data can be downloaded in XLS format for additional processing.

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