Event day

Printing name tags

Conferences and seminars often require on-site printing of name tags for participants. If you have previously set up a registration form in Fienta, you can use our mobile app to print the participant data on various name tags. 

You will need the following:

  • A special printer with paper.

  • Fienta's free mobile app.

  • Internet connection.

Printer and paper

The printer must support ZPL printing over HTTP protocol. A suitable model is, for example, the Brady BBP12, which we can help you rent. This printer can print black and white text and basic geometry on different materials, such as plastic, thermal paper or stickers. In our backend, you can enter the ZPL code, which contains the name tag size and text placement information.

If you want your event name tags to be colourful or have a unique design, you must pre-print the blanks in advance and add participant information in black-and-white at the venue.

Sample tags and printer:


Connect the printer to the internet using a LAN cable and the Fienta mobile app to the wifi provided by the same network device.

You can use our mobile app to search for attendees by name or scan their ticket QR codes. A button for printing the name tag will appear on the app:

Let us know if you wish to use this feature, by emailing [email protected].