Displaying events from Fienta on your own website

Displaying events

You can display all your events from Fienta right on your own website. With a little programming, you can style and format the list to match your website's styles and structure.

Public API

Our public API is organized around REST, returns JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes.


You can retrieve a list of published, non-private upcoming events of a single organiser by using endpoint:


Two lowercase letters indicating the language of the event. Events which are entered in other languages will still be retrieved. To get only events which have specific language, add "locale_strct" parameter to the query.

The ID of the organiser on Fienta. You can find it from the URL when visiting the Settings page.
Example: if your Settings page URL is, your organiser_id is 1245.

Example: Retrieve events from organiser 1234, preferring English language:


Example: Retrieve only German events from organiser 1234:


Please see all available parameters from our API documentation.


Example JSON API response

{"events": [
    "id": 5678,
    "title": "Indie festival",
    "starts_at": "2020-12-16 19:00:00",
    "ends_at": "2020-12-16 21:15:00",
    "duration_string": "Mon 16. December 2020 at 19:00 - 21:15",
    "venue": "Millennium Park",
    "address": "201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602",
    "description": "An award winning festival weekender which takes place on the outskirts of ..",
    "url": "https:\/\/\/indie-festival",
    "image_url": "https:\/\/\/uploads\/5678.jpg",
    "organizer_name": "Smdith Events Ltd.",
    "organizer_phone": "+81 555 666",
    "organizer_email": "[email protected]",

Unique ID of the event.

Title of the event.

starts_at, ends_at
Event start and end date time.

Formatted string of start and end times.

Name of the venue.

Address of the venue, without country name.

Event description, can include HTML.

Full URL of the event page on Fienta.

Full URL of the event ticket sales page. If the tickets are sold on Fienta, the value equals to "url" parameter. If the tickets are sold in some external platform, the corresponding URL is returned. If the event does not have ticketing or registration, empty value is returned.

URL of the event image.

Name of the organiser.

Phone number of the organiser.

Email address of the organiser.

JavaScript example 

Example of pulling events from Fienta and rendering HTML to your own website using JavaScript and jQuery:

<div id="events">
  <!-- Events will be rendered inside this div -->

<script src=""></script>
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
  // HTML element which will include event list
  var container = jQuery('#events'); 
  // Pull upcoming events from Fienta
  jQuery.getJSON('', function(data) {
    // Cycle through the results (event) {
      // Write events into DOM
        '<div>' +
        '<img src="' + event.image_url + '">' +
        '<h2>' + event.title + '</h2>' +
        '<p>' + event.duration_string + ' @ ' + 
        event.venue + ', ' + event.address + '</p>' +
        '<p><a href="' + event.url + '">Buy Ticket</a></p>' +
        '<p>' + event.description + '</p>' +

<!-- Optionally, embed ticket purchasing process -->
<script src=""></script>