Customising tickets

Adding your own text and image

You can change our built-in text and also add an image to both email and PDF tickets. Find this feature from the "Ticket" menu in the event context.

Formatting text

It is possible to use most common HTML tags in ticket text. For example:

<strong>Bold text</strong>
<em>Italics text</em>
<ul><li>List item</li><li>List item</li></ul>
Link to <a href="">Google</a>

Special placeholders

There are several special placeholders that you can use in the ticket text:


Displays the ticket QR code value as text. Example:

Please use :ticket_code to log in to our streaming service.


Please use U7E21QCL8 to log in to our streaming service.


Will be replaced by the order completion/payment date. Example:

This ticket is valid six months from :order_date.


This ticket is valid for six months from 21.08.2020.


If you have created attendee specific questions using our "Order form" tool, it is possible to add a link to the confirmation email so that the attendee can later change their details. Example:

Click here to change your registration: :attendee_form_url


Click here to change your registration:


Returns the unique ID of the event.