POS sales

Fienta’s POS sales feature allows you to register on-site ticket sales made in cash or card payments and to print tickets.

The POS interface is web-based so that you can use it from a desktop/laptop, mobile, or tablet.


To turn on the POS sales feature, write to us at hello@fienta.com. We will add this option to your organiser account, and if needed, we will also create an additional user whose rights are limited to POS sales.

Selling tickets

As a POS user

A user in a dedicated POS role can start a new sale by selecting an event from the event list.

Then set the number of tickets:

Click “Proceed to payment”, choose the payment method and complete the order. If necessary, you can also cancel the order and tickets.

As an event organiser

If you are logged in as an event organiser, you have more options for starting a new POS order.

  • From the event list, choose the event and select “New POS order” from the drop-down menu:

  • Or, open the event, choose “Orders and tickets”, and start a new POS order:

Select the tickets and proceed to payment as described above.

Printing tickets

You can print tickets on A4 paper with a standard office printer or special wallet-sized ticket blanks with the Brady BBP12 printer. Read more about technical requirements and printer setup.

To print the ticket on A4 paper, click on the menu dots next to the ticket, open the PDF and print.

Emailing ticket or invoice

On the order page, you can also send the tickets to the customer by email or create an invoice for the ticket purchase.

Issuing reserved tickets

You can also sell previously booked tickets using the POS interface. To do this, find the reservation in the “Orders & Tickets” tool and select “Sell using POS”.


You can see the POS report in the “Reports” tool and download it in XLS format. By default, the same-day POS report is displayed.