Event page

Sharing a single event page

Event page address

To share your event page on Fienta, open "Sales" > "Share link" in the left-side menu of the event view and copy the link. You can also share the link if you open the event in your browser and copy the address from your browser's address bar.

You can change the address of your event on the "Sales" > "Share link" page.

If you need a link for sharing several events at the same time, please see the article about sharing multiple events.

Multilingual events

If your event is entered in several languages, you can use the language abbreviation such as "en" for English or "de" for German to direct people to the specific version:


If you omit the language parameter, your buyer is directed to the most appropriate of the languages you have entered your event in, based on their IP-address/location:


Sharing discount code

To share discount code, add /discount/<code> to your link. For example:


Selecting which checkout step to display

By default, your buyers will first see the event description when following the link. If you would like to take them directly to ticket selection, add ?step=tickets to the URL:


The same parameter can also be used to open contact form or payment options:


Selecting tickets

If your event only has one ticket type, it is already pre-selected. In case of multiple ticket types, you can force Fienta to select them by providing the ticket type ID-s in the address:


You can find the ID of the ticket type on the browser address bar when editing it, for example, https://fienta.com/my/ticket_types/1234/edit

To select specific quantities, add "x" and quantity to the ID. For example, to choose two tickets from first category and three tickets from second category:


Filling email address

If you know your buyer's email address, you can pre-fill it on Fienta. This is useful when sending invites via email for example.

https://fienta.com/[email protected] 


Share English version of the event and use discount code "free":


Also, bypass description and show ticket selection:


Also, select ticket with ID 123:


Also, pre-fill email address and show payment option:

https://fienta.com/en/event-name/discount/free?step=payment&ticket=1234&[email protected]