Event setup

Formatting event description

Same instructions also apply to formatting organiser's terms of service.


Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax that is designed for ease of use and readability. Its primary goal is to be as readable as possible in its raw form, making it intuitive for authors to write structured documents without the complexity of HTML or other rich-text formatting languages.


# Heading level 1
## Heading level 2
### Heading level 3


*italics text*
**bold text**
***bold and italics***

Bulleted lists

* First item
* Second item
* Third item

Horizontal line

Use three dashes or more:



Such obvious links automatically become links in the event description:

[email protected] 

If you want the text of the link to be different from the link itself, write the text in brackets and the link in parentheses:



Fienta does not yet support uploading images for use in texts, but you can still use images that are located on another server. To add an image, write an exclamation mark, a brief description of the image for visually impaired people in brackets, and the link to the image in parentheses:

![Image description](https://yourserver/folder/image-file.jpg)


Separate table columns with vertical bars and headers from the content with dashes. On the separator line, you can also use colons to indicate the desired alignment direction.

Time    | Artist    | Stage      
--------|-----------| ----------:
10:00   | Artist A  | Main stage
12:00   | Artist B  |       Side
13:00   | Artist C  |       Side

In practice, three dashes per column are sufficient for the header separator line:

Time | Artist | Stage
--- | --- | ---:
10:00 | Artist A | Main stage
12:00 | Artist B | Side
13:00 | Artist C | Side


You can format the event description with most common HTML tags. For example:

<strong>Text in bold</strong>
<em>Text in italics</em>
<ul><li>Bulleted list item</li><li>Bulleted list item</li></ul>
Link to <a href="https://google.com">Google</a>

Embedding videos

Use the following example to embed Youtube videos.

<div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9">
 <iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zpOULjyy-n8?rel=0" allowfullscreen></iframe>