Prices, payments, refunds, taxes

Prices and payouts

Free events

For fee events, you can use Fienta completely free of charge.

Paid events

Our fee for paid events is 3.5% of tickets sold, plus 22% VAT when applicable.
The minimum fee per order is 0.40 eur.


  • Let's say your customer buys one ticket for 6 eur. Our fee of 3.5% will be 6*0.035 = 0.21 euros but since it's smaller than our minimum fee, the total fee for this transaction is 0.40 eur plus VAT.

  • If your customer gets the same tickets for two persons with a single transaction, our fee is 2*6*0.035 = 0.42 euros plus VAT.

Our pricing includes all involved banking and payment provider fees.
There are no additional fees for signing up, publishing events or for payouts.

Additional features

  • For events with reserved seating, there is an additional cost of 20 cents per issued ticket, plus 22% VAT when applicable.

  • You can enable PayPal payments with an additional cost of 1% + 0.35 EUR per payment. Please note that PayPal is only available for events that sell tickets in EUR.

VAT charges

22% VAT on our prices applies to companies registered within the European Union (EU) without a valid VAT number and when billing to an individual person. Customers based in Estonia are always subject to VAT.

VAT does not apply for companies registered within the EU with a valid VAT number and for companies outside of the EU.

Money flow and payouts

Your customer's money first goes through different banks and payment providers, who keep their fee before the transfer. Depending on the payment method, it takes between a few days and a few weeks until the money gets to Fienta's account.

We pay out on the first few business days of each month, for the last month's proceeds. In addition, you can always ask us for additional payouts at any time just by writing on the chat. So if your event is at the beginning of the month, you do not need to wait until the end of the month.

From the payout, we deduct Fienta's service fee and ticket refunds, if there were any. Our payouts and service fee is calculated based on the actual cash inflow.