Event page

Add ticketing to your own site


You can add the checkout process to your own website so that it will open on top of your web content:

Basic setup

  1. On your website, add a regular link pointing to the event page at Fienta, for example:

    <a href="https://fienta.com/event-name">Buy Tickets</a>
  2. Add the following line of code to your website. This will open links pointing to Fienta events right on your website:

    <script src="https://fienta.com/embed.js"></script> 

You may have many links on your website, pointing to the same or different events at Fienta.
Include embed.js only one time per page.


To change embed's background color, border radius and other parameters, define a JavaScript object as seen in next example. The values displayed here are defaults.

window.fientaSettings = {
 // lightbox background color
 background: 'rgba(0,0,0,0.5)',
 // modal content border radius
 border_radius: '5px',
 // selector of links pointing to Fienta event pages
 link_selector: 'a[href*="fienta.com"]',
 // referral name which is added to orders from homepage
 ref: 'homepage',
<script src="https://fienta.com/embed.js"></script>

When implementing, leave only parameters you wish to modify.

Displaying event description and image

By default, our embed does not include the event description. You can add it by defining the following line in the window.fientaSettings:

descriptionEnabled: true,

To display the description as initial view, add:

step: 'description',

To display the event image:

imageEnabled: true,

Preselecting specific ticket

If you have multiple ticket types, our selection opens with none of them selected. You can force Fienta to select a specific ticket type by adding "ticket" parameter to the URL. For example:

<a href="https://fienta.com/event-name?ticket=1234">Buy Tickets</a>

You can find the ID of the ticket type on the browser address bar when editing it, for example, https://fienta.com/my/ticket_types/1234/edit

Displaying "Sold out" and number of tickets available

On each page load and ticket purchase by the visitor, a "onTicketsAvailableReady" event is triggered. Use this to display the number of tickets left or to modify your HTML, for example by disabling the link when sale has ended.

window.fientaSettings = {
 onTicketsAvailableReady: function(elem, count) {
 // elem - HTML a tag pointing to event at fienta.com
 // count - number of tickets available, possible values:
 // true - when more than 50 tickets are available
 // 1 .. 50 - number tickets available
 // 0 - event is sold out
 // false - sale has ended

// write your code here
<script src="https://fienta.com/embed.js"></script>

Example of full code

window.fientaSettings = {
 background: 'rgba(255,0,0,0.5)',
 border_radius: '0',
 onTicketsAvailableReady: function(elem, count) {
 if (count === true) {
 // more than 50 tickets are available
 else if (count > 0) {
 elem.text('Only ' + count + ' tickets left');
 else if (count === 0) {
 elem.addClass('disabled').removeAttr('href').text('Sold out');
 else if (count === false) {
 elem.addClass('disabled').removeAttr('href').text('Sale has ended');
<script src="https://fienta.com/embed.js"></script>

Opening embed from URL

It is possible to share a link to your website and automatically open the embed: