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About VAT

VAT on ticket prices

In the majority of cases, if you are a registered VAT payer, you sell tickets with VAT. 

Fienta takes the VAT rate from your billing settings defined at Settings > Billing settings and assumes that the ticket prices you enter are VAT inclusive.

Displaying VAT rate on the checkout page

By default, we show prices to your buyers with VAT. Please let us know if you wish to show prices without VAT, we can then turn on this setting for your event.

Special VAT cases

In some cases, you may wish to apply a different VAT rate to specific events or even to specific ticket types. For example, in some countries, the rates for a conference entry fee and accommodation are different. Let us know if you wish to add a different VAT rate to some of your events or ticket types.

VAT on Fienta's fee

22% VAT on our prices applies to companies registered within the European Union (EU) without a valid VAT number and when billing to a private person. Customers based in Estonia are always subject to VAT.

VAT does not apply for companies registered within the EU with a valid VAT number and for companies outside of the EU, and when billing to a private person outside the EU.

The VAT on Fienta's fee only applies to our prices, not to the prices you sell your tickets to your customers with.