About Webhooks

By enabling webhooks, you can tell Fienta to post data to third party systems whenever one of these events happen:

  • When someone buys a ticket or registers to a free event.

  • When registration form is submitted after initial purchase.

  • When you validate a ticket and mark it as used using our mobile app, web interface or API.

What can it do for you

For example, you can use online automation platforms such as Integromat to set up a workflow which after each ticket purchase:

  • Adds the buyer to list of meeting attendees in Zoom.

  • Adds the purchase as a new row in Google Spreadsheet.

  • Sends you a notification in Skype, Slack or Facebook Messenger.

  • If the buyer subscribed to a newsletter, add them to your list in Mailchimp or Smaily.

After validating the ticket, you might want to:

  • Send your visitor a follow-up email with a feedback form, a few days after visitation.

  • Use Google Cloud Print to print out name tag or show a personal welcome message during a conference check-in proceedure.

How to turn it on

You will find webhooks from Settings > Integration when logged in to Fienta.


Visit our API documentation for description and samples of data which is posted by the webhooks.