Prices, payments, refunds, taxes

Information for accountants

Revenue and VAT

When you use Fienta to sell tickets, the revenue is your own sales directly to your customers. Although the money moves through Fienta's bank account, it is still your sales with your VAT amount. Fienta can be seen as a payment processor in this context.

You should register your sales the same way as you were selling tickets at the venue or as your event-goers were making you direct payments. In accounting, the sales can be registered as one entry with reference to XLS off-balance sheet report downloaded from Fienta.


We pay out on the first few business days of each month, for the last month's proceeds. In addition, you can always ask us for additional payouts at any time just by writing on the chat. So if your event is at the beginning of the month, you do not need to wait until the end of the month.

From the payout, we deduct Fienta's service fee and ticket refunds, if there were any. Our payouts and service fee is calculated based on the actual cash inflow.

Invoice and reports

Fienta's invoice and reports are sent via email to addresses that you set at Settings > Billing Documents page. The same page displays an archive of all the invoices and reports we have sent you.

As our service fee is deducted from the payout, the invoice is marked as "Paid".