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Troubleshooting (card) payments

Why a card payment could fail

When making ticket purchases, buyers might occasionally encounter issues with card payments. Here are some common reasons why a card payment might fail:

  1. Insufficient funds: The account might not have enough balance to cover the transaction.

  2. Card limits: The card might have daily or transaction limits that could cause issues.

  3. Incorrect details: All entered details, such as card number, expiry date, and CVV/CVC.

  4. Expired card: The card must be valid and not expired.

  5. Fraud prevention: Sometimes, banks flag transactions as suspicious. It might be necessary for the ticket buyer to contact their bank to verify and approve the transaction.

  6. Bank issues: Occasionally, the bank’s systems might be down or experiencing issues.

  7. Sanctioned country: Cards issued in countries sanctioned by the EU or UN might be blocked.

  8. Browser extensions: Ad blockers or virus scanners can interfere with the payment process. Disabling them temporarily might help.

If a payment fails, trying again using another payment method or contacting the bank for further assistance might help.