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Google Analytics 4


Create a Google Analytics (GA) account if you don't have one already. 

Set up tracking in Fienta

Find your Google Analytics ID, a combination of numbers and letters, usually in a format of "G-XXXXXXXXXX".

In Fienta, go to Settings > Integration and paste your ID into the form. This enables tracking on our system so that visits to your event page are sent to your Google Analytics account.


The following pageviews are recorded as 'page_view' events:


View of your event page.


The visitor has selected tickets and is filling in their contact information.


Contact information has been entered, and the visitor chooses a payment method.


The visitor has proceeded to the bank or card form to complete the payment.


Payment was successful, and the visitor has been directed to the thank-you page.


We also track these Google Analytics standard events:


The buyer has chosen at least one ticket.


The buyer has chosen tickets and clicks to the next step to enter their contacts.


The buyer has chosen tickets, entered their contacts, chosen payment method and proceeds to complete the payment.


Sent after successful payment. This event includes data about purchase amount and currency, which is sent to Facebook.

Tracking purchases

Successful purchases are sent to GA as "purchase" events. You can see this data on our Google Analytics account under following sections:

  • Engagement > Events

  • Engagement > Conversions

  • Monetization > Monetization overview

  • Monetization > Ecommerce purchases

Cross-domain tracking

If you use the same Google Analytics ID on your website and on Fienta, GA rcords visits to both sites as separate sessions. For example, suppose a person checks out Prices page on your site, clicks a link to open the event page on Fienta and completes the ticket purchase. In that case, Google Analytics will record two separate visitors, unrelated to each other. The pageviews will be displayed from separate domains:

To fix this, set up cross-domain tracking, which enables merging merge page views from both sites to single user journey. Pageviews in Fienta will be displayed as visits to virtual pages on your site, prefixed by "fienta":

To set up cross-domain tracking, you have to add "" to your GA account settings.

Read further from Google

Referral exclusion

To prevent our payment providers being treated as referrals, add their domains to list of unwanted referrals in your GA account:

Read further from Google (section "Configure unwanted referrals")

Google Analytics and Embed mode

GA tracking works regardless of whether you send your customers to event pages on or use our embed mode to integrate the checkout process with your own website.