Prices, payments, refunds, taxes

Invoices and bank payments

When your customer chooses to pay using regular bank transfer, we send them an invoice issued in the name of your organisation. The invoice includes instructions to pay to Fienta's bank account. This way we can automatically check for the payment and send out the tickets.

The tickets will be booked and the order will stay in Pending status until the payment has been completed.


Invoice payments are turned on for all events by default but you can turn it off at Organiser settings > Payment methods. You can also choose whether the tickets are sent upon receiving the payment or immediately when the order is placed.

Please contact us if you need to set up invoice payments on a per-event basis.

PDF receipts and invoices

Ticket buyers can request invoices and receipts which are issued in the name of the event organiser and sent via email as PDF files. 

  • Receipts are sent after a successful bank link or card payment.

  • Invoices are sent when the customer requests to pay using a regular bank transfer. In this case, the invoice has instructions to pay to Fienta's bank account.

In both cases, the buyer is asked to fill in the following form:

XML invoices

In some countries, we add machine-readable XML invoices to regular PDF files.


In some countries such as Estonia, we also support eInvoices. eInvoice is an electronic, machine-readable document that is sent from Fienta directly to your customer's accounting system. This way the information moves faster, with fewer errors, and the accountants do not have to manually enter invoice data.

Your buyers can request eInvoices during the ticket purchase and Fienta sends them out automatically. eInvoicing is available when both the seller and buyer are from supported countries.

Manually sending invoices

If your customer did not request an invoice during the purchase, you can still generate and send them afterward. Find the order, click to enter the detailed view and find the "Create invoice" button.

Changing an invoice

To change an already-issued invoice, head to order view and find the invoice section:


Fienta sends automatic reminders to unpaid invoices:

  • The first reminder will be sent one day after the invoice is due.

  • Subsequent reminders are sent on five-day intervals until the invoice has been paid or cancelled.

  • No reminders are sent after an event has finished.

The reminder email contains a link that enables the buyers to cancel their order if needed.

Credit invoices

Fienta automatically generates and sends credit invoices along with refunds.