Virtual and hybrid events

Online and hybrid events

You can sell tickets to both online and hybrid events which take place at the venue with simultaneous live streaming. Find the setting on the "Event details" page.

In the case of hybrid events, you can set each ticket type for being valid at the venue, online or both.

You can start selling tickets before deciding on the final platform or knowing the exact web address of the video stream.

Ticket buyers will receive a confirmation email with a universal link that opens an online event page at Fienta or redirects them to another website or platform. Both the content of the page and the forwarding address can be changed until the last moment before the event starts.

Online event page on Fienta

Each online or hybrid event has a special page on Fienta ending with the suffix "go":

The page checks for valid tickets and displays an appropriate message if the event has not started or is already ended.

During the event, it will display an online event page created with Fienta's tools or redirects your customer to another platform.


In case of redirect, the buyer will be transferred to another platform after Fienta has verified their ticket. This option is useful for Zoom or Facebook live, for example.

Platforms that are integrated with Fienta, automatically receive buyer's ticket code which is then used to create a private video stream or display the attendees' profile data.

Some platforms which have Fienta's integration: Worksup, Videolevels, Elisastage, Television,, Voogle, Shows, QiqoChat.

Event page

As an alternative to redirecting, you can build an online event page on Fienta using the following components:

For Youtube and Vimeo, you need to enter the video link from the address bar of your browser. Based on this, Fienta generates the necessary embed code and displays the video player.

NB! Please note that the terms of use of some platforms, such as Youtube or Facebook, may not allow you to use them behind a paywall. Besides, there is a risk that your participants will receive unwanted advertisements or that the audio stream will be turned off for copyright protection. Therefore, we recommend using the private platforms listed above or paid version of Vimeo.

Hyperlinks in the text automatically become clickable on the page. You can also use the most common HTML tags, such as h2, strong, ul and li.

Chatango chat
Chatango is a free chat that you can add to your online event page. First, create a chat group at Then enter your group name at Fienta. There is no need to adjust the chat size, font or colours on Chatango's page as Fienta sets these automatically.

About tickets

Depending on the type of event or ticket, the confirmation email will include a link to the online page, a QR code to attend the event at the venue or both. A link to the PDF ticket is added only if the ticket permits entrance to the venue.

A person with an online ticket can enter the event in the following ways:

  • Using the online event link in the ticket email. The link contains the ticket code and does not need to be entered manually.

  • When a ticket is bought during the event or 30 minutes before, one can access the event at the touch of a button, after the payment.

  • A button to enter the online event is displayed during the event and 30 minutes before, on the ticket sales page. This will take a person to the login screen which allows entering the ticket code manually.

Online tickets are marked as used on the first entry. However, one can re-enter with the same ticket, for example, to change the device when the battery is low or empty.

In the case of hybrid events, tickets valid both at the venue and online, are not marked as used during the visit to the online page.


Start and end dates are considered as being in the timezone of the event's country's capital.