For Event Organisers

Product updates

June 2024

  • Added Serbian dinar RSD to supported currencies.

  • Enabled the use of Markdown syntax in ticket type email descriptions.

  • New order notification emails now include the event start date.

  • Added ticket type group headings to the ticket selection in POS, reservations, complimentary tickets tool and reseller’s interface.

May 2024

  • Added the ability to complete complimentary reservations.

  • Added the option to cancel pending refunds.

  • Made the organiser’s public email address translatable.

April 2024

  • Added the option for the organiser to receive email notifications for webhook status updates when there are issues with sending or receiving webhooks.

  • Enhanced autocomplete for event venues and addresses when creating an event.

  • Improved embed mode performance; now opens faster and is compatible with all desktop browsers.

  • Added the option to customise the label for the "Buy ticket" button on the event page.

  • Added the option to customise the label for the "Have a code or gift card?" link on the event page.

March 2024

  • Ticket buyers can now sign in to manage their orders and access their tickets for past and future events.

  • Organisers can now see a detailed error message if any of the order-related emails fail to reach the recipient, on the order details page.

  • Added the ability to edit textual custom field values on the order details page.

  • PDF file attachments in the ticket emails have been replaced by PDF download links.

  • Added Turkish support for the checkout process.

  • Optimised speed across various pages and reports.

  • Multiple UI and usability improvements.

February 2024

  • Added tools to Reserved seating for viewing sales overview and managing categories.

  • Enhanced the ticket types report by adding ticket group names as subtitles.

  • Added to the ticket types report the possibility to display rows of ticket types or a combination of ticket types and the paid price.

January 2024

  • Added support for Google Tag Manager to track user interaction events on platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

  • In the POS system, tickets and receipts can now be printed in multiple formats: A4, continuous roll, or Fienta blanks.

  • Added a new recipient option in our Email tool to send messages to ticket owners who haven't registered after being assigned a ticket.

  • Added a gift card report.

December 2023

  • Added Paypal for payments in euros.

  • You can now use separate cover image for each language version of a multilingual event.

November 2023

  • Added Markdown support for simple formatting in event descriptions, emails to ticket buyers, and organiser’s terms of service.

  • Added the option to easily modify reservations by adding or removing tickets, or splitting reservations.

October 2023

  • Events index page for organisers now displays the event series in a separate tab.

  • Added the option to enable POS features on the organiser settings page.

  • Switched to a new cloud service provider for improved performance and security.

September 2023

  • Our new event index page for event organisers includes separate tabs for future and past events, and an option to filter out draft events.

  • The order details page now displays amounts paid with gift cards.

  • The tickets report in XLS format includes a new column for the validation timestamp.

  • For events with reserved seating, the event ticket limit is now automatically adjusted when removing seats from sales or adding them on the seating chart.

  • Added BLIK payments in Poland.

  • Added Bulgarian lev BGN to supported currencies.

  • Added Israeli shekel ILS to supported currencies.

August 2023

  • Tickets can now be added to Google Wallet.

  • The visibility and selectability of ticket types can be set to depend on other ticket types.

  • Added the option to group ticket types on the checkout page.

  • Links that point to unpublished past events now direct to the organiser's events page.

  • Added the option to select multiple seats at the same time when creating a new POS order or a reservation for events with a seating plan.

  • Seat labels are now visible when creating a new POS order or a reservation for events with a seating plan.

  • Added local bank payments in Germany.

  • Added local bank payments in Poland.

  • Added Ukrainian support for the checkout process.

  • Added Moldovan leu MDL to supported currencies.

July 2023

  • Added Polish support for the checkout process.

June 2023

  • Added Basque support for the checkout process.

May 2023

  • Added Meta Pixel advanced matching parameters to the “Purchase” event.

  • Added ticket and receipt printing to handheld devices with built-in printers.

  • Added option to pre-select multiple tickets with an event URL parameter.

  • Added Vietnamese dong VND to supported currencies.

  • Added South Korean won KRW to supported currencies.

  • Added Thai baht THB to supported currencies.

  • Added Turkish lira TRY to supported currencies.

  • Added Japanese yen JPY to supported currencies.

  • Added support for zero-decimal currencies.

April 2023

  • New version 4 of our mobile app for ticket scanning has improved continuous mode, which makes scanning faster and is also suitable for self-check-in.

  • When the order currency differs from the payment currency, we now convert the currency at the time of purchase. This allows event organisers to have a clearer understanding of their earnings in the payout currency.

  • Added a list of top “utm_campaign” and “utm_source” values to the event overview page.

  • Improved Meta Pixel and GA “AddToCart” event tracking for events with just one ticket type.

March 2023

  • You can now add custom meta-title and meta-description to each event.

  • Improved Meta Pixel by adding 'advanced matching' parameters and "AddContacts" event.

  • Improved Google Analytics tracking, added standard events to GA4 tracking

  • Added Macedonian denar MKD to supported currencies.

  • Prevent search engines from indexing ended events.

February 2023

  • Added radio buttons, checkboxes, single-select and multiselect dropdown menus to custom field question types in registration forms.

  • Reserved tickets can now be purchased via a payment link that you can send to your customer.

  • Added UnionPay payments.

  • Google Analytics 4 now tracks standard events related to the checkout funnel, such as “begin_checkout” and “purchase”.

  • Meta Pixel now tracks "AddToCart" events.

  • Added the number of orders to the event overview page.

  • Added Azerbaijani manat AZN, Kyrgyzstani som KGS and Uzbekistani sum UZS to supported currencies.

January 2023

  • Added support for Google Analytics 4.

  • Added Kazakhstani tenge KZT to supported currencies.

  • New private API endpoint for updating organiser’s events.

December 2022

  • Ability to issue and accept gift cards.

  • Ability to sell combo tickets.

  • Added Georgian lari GEL to supported currencies.

  • Added Armenian dram AMD to supported currencies.

  • Added Czech koruna CZK to supported currencies.

  • Added Ukrainian hryvnia UAH to supported currencies.

November 2022

  • Added Croatian support for the checkout process.

  • Added Hungarian support for the checkout process.

  • Online events now support Vimeo live streams in addition to pre-saved content.

  • New private API endpoint for reading organiser’s events.

  • Added Croatian kuna HRK to supported currencies.

October 2022

  • Added Macedonian support for the checkout process.

  • Added the option to use discount codes in the ticket reseller interface.

  • Updates to public API.

September 2022

  • Added Bancontact payments in Belgium.

  • New report for POS sales.

  • New report for event series.

August 2022

  • The Tickets tool now includes seating information for events with reserved seating.

  • Added full-screen mode to the reserved seating management page.

July 2022

  • New Share tool, which can be used to manage the event page address.

  • Option to change the address of the page, which lists all the organiser's events in the Share tool.

  • Reports Overview page has a new toggle which lets you view sales figures in several currencies.

  • Event images are now automatically resized and cropped for different devices and screen resolutions.

June 2022

  • Tickets can be marked as used/unused on the Tickets tool.

  • The built-in phone number question on the order form can now be disabled or made mandatory.

  • Added Apple Wallet tickets.

May 2022

  • Added a Tickets tool with search and download options.

  • Improved reports navigation, performance and file naming.

  • Emails tool now sends messages to both buyers and ticket owners.

  • Credit invoices are now issued when cancelling pending invoices.

  • Added Italian support for the checkout process.

  • Public API now has the ability to retrieve events from a list of organisers.

April 2022

  • Overall performance improvements.

March 2022

  • Added ability to add reservations.

  • Added Inbank „split-into-parts“ payments.

February 2022

  • Discount codes can now be used in the POS interface.

  • Ability to add custom payment methods to POS interface.

January 2022

  • Added Revolut payments.

  • Ability to set individual VAT rates for ticket types.

December 2021

  • Added Swedish support for the checkout process.

November 2021

  • Global discounts which apply to all organiser's current and future events.

  • Ability to cancel single ticket on order details page.

  • Address fields for multilingual events are now translatable.

  • Ticket owners can cancel their complimentary tickets to release seats for others.

  • Added Kniks gift card payments.

October 2021

  • You can now add date custom fields to the checkout process.

  • Ticket types that become visible using code, are now shown in the POS interface.

  • Added POS user name to orders reports.

  • Added Citadele Bank payments in Estonia and Lithuania.

  • Added Medicinos Bankas and Šiaulių Bankas payments in Lithuania.

September 2021

  • Option to allow ticket owners to request refund via private order page.

  • Manual invoice payments are now processed immediately after reaching our bank account.

  • Public API can be used to read all public events in machine-readable format.

  • Added Norwegian support for the checkout process.

August 2021

  • The mobile app now can be used to validate EU Digital COVID certificates.

July 2021

  • New report showing income by ticket types and prices.

June 2021

  • Updated design of organiser events page.

  • Updated user interface for creating custom form fields.

  • Ability to add order based custom fields before ticket-based fields.

  • Updated support for timezones.

  • Mobile app: those who bought an online-only ticket, for a hybrid event, are now unable to enter the physical venue..

  • Mobile app: updated user interface.

May 2021

  • Added custom checkout questions that only appear for selected ticket types.

  • Address fields can now be searched from Google's database.

  • Added Canadian dollar, New Zealand dollar and the new Romanian leu to supported currencies.

  • Online events now show the timezone name on the event page and tickets.

  • Improved support for events in different time zones.

April 2021

  • Added Apple Pay payments.

  • Added Google Pay payments.

  • Added checkboxes option for checkout custom fields.

  • Ability to see percentage of recurring buyers on event dashboard.

  • Ability to share attendee list using a private link.

March 2021

  • Events can now be marked as taking place on-site, online or both.

  • In the case of hybrid events, each ticket type can be marked as valid at the venue, online or both.

  • Online events now have a dedicated page on Fienta with an option to combine video player, text and chat.

  • Option to redirect buyers to other platforms in case of online events.

February 2021

  • Added support for utm_ parameter tracking for marketers.

  • Improvements on POS reports, reserved seatings, timezone support.

January 2021

  • Added support for donations / pay-what-you-want ticket types.

  • Added Klarna/Sofort payments in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Netherlands.

  • Added SEPA Direct Debit payments in Germany and Netherlands.

  • Ability to search by ticket code in Orders reports.

  • Ability to show orders which use specific discount code.

  • Ability to show orders which use specific ticket type code.

December 2020

  • Social distancing rules for reserved seating.

  • Option to change the type of already issued ticket.

  • Option to change seating on already issued ticket.

  • Added Danish support for the checkout process.

November 2020

  • Event categories, used on front page search.

  • Event image can be added to embed mode.

October 2020

  • Added reserved seating.

  • Ticket emails now adapt with operating system dark modes.

  • Mobile app: Optional setting to allow scanning of multiple events at the same time.

September 2020

  • Automatic message on the ticket selection page when five or fewer tickets are available.

  • For data export, we now use XLSX format instead of XLS which handles emoticons and special characters better.

August 2020

  • Reports now include dates for events with the same title.

  • Notifications on new orders can be sent to multiple email addresses.

  • Added Australian dollar AUD to supported currencies.

July 2020

  • Ticket types and custom fields can now be sorted using drag and drop.

  • Added calendar links to the order completion page.

  • Added QR codes to the order completion page when the event is about to start.

  • Automatic reminders about unpaid invoices.

  • Ticket buyers can cancel unpaid invoices and release booked tickets to others.

  • Support for a wide range of emojis in the event description, ticket and emails.

  • Improved timezone support for calendar links.

June 2020

  • Added webhooks which trigger on order completion, registration and ticket validation.

  • Emails tool now has the option to address overdue invoices.

  • Added USD to supported currencies.

  • Improve speed of API calls.

May 2020

  • You can now manage your team members.

  • Updates to public API.

April 2020

  • New public event search.

  • Event overview page can now be shared with a private link.

  • Emails tool now supports filtering recipients by ticket type and language.

  • The subject of the ticket email can be changed.

  • Added ability to change invoice due days per order.

  • Credit invoices have been added to reports and also to order details view.

  • Visual updates to the check-out process on the event page.

March 2020

  • You can now use Fienta to send emails to your ticket buyers. This allows to communicate last-minute changes, announce about cancellation or postponing of the event.

  • Ticket buyers are now notified via email about refunds.

  • Credit invoices are now sent along with refunds.

  • Events can now be marked as cancelled.

  • Ticket email supports multiple new placeholders.

  • Text of the "Buy tickets" button can be changed.

February 2020

  • Private events can now use the event series feature.

  • You can now create and send tickets for pending invoice orders.

  • Added iDEAL payment support in the Netherlands.

  • New income report, grouped by events.

  • New Billing documents page displays all invoices issued for Fienta's service fee.

  • Event currency can now be changed during event setup.

January 2020

  • The first version of the POS system was released with the support of printing paper tickets.

  • You can now list events that sell tickets on some other platform.

  • You can now list events that do not have any ticket sales or registration.

  • Discounts now have the option to limit the number of tickets it applies to.

  • Payouts are now handled in multiple currencies.

  • Added Luminor DNB bank link payment method.

December 2019

  • The first version of the ticket assign feature which allows buyers to easily distribute tickets within their organisation.

  • New ticket recovery feature. Buyers who have lost their tickets can access them using the order number and password on their bank statement.

  • Improved correction of mistyped emails during ticket purchase.

November 2019

  • You can display events right on your own website with our public API.

October 2019

  • Added numerous new currencies you can sell tickets in.

  • Added Chinese support for the checkout process.

September 2019

  • Ticket email now includes links to add the event to the buyer's calendar.

  • Added e-invoice support.

August 2019

  • Event organisers will now receive monthly sales and income reports via email.

  • Added Slovak support for checkout process.

  • Site speed and search engine optimizations so that events can be more easily discovered.

July 2019

  • The event dashboard now displays a list of top sold ticket types.

  • Event-specific VAT amount has been replaced by global VAT value for the organiser.

  • Speed and search improvements on the frontpage and organiser's event index page.

  • Facebook Pixel "Purchase" event now includes order value.

June 2019

  • Order details page completely redesigned for better usability.

  • Reports now show orders which are pending for refund.

May 2019

  • Added Liisi to payment methods in Estonia.

April 2019

  • Support for event series and repeated events.

  • Event page or embed can now be opened with a specific ticket type selected.

March 2019

  • Code optimizations and changes to user interface technology.

  • Under the hood changes on how we handle outgoing emails.

February 2019

  • New reports displaying data across all your events.

  • Discount codes can be now included when making a copy of an existing event.

  • Added support for Facebook Pixel tracking.

January 2019

  • You can now ask your buyers’ consent for subscribing to your mailing lists.

  • The ticket buyers will see a hint to correct misspelled email addresses during purchase. For example, @gmail.con will be suggested to change to

  • Added Swedbank Latvia to payment methods.

  • Option to set a minimum number of tickets per order for ticket types.

  • Now you can request refunds and cancel pending orders right from order view.

  • Mobile app: added attendee search and manual check-in.

  • Mobile app: added continuous scanning mode which opens camera automatically a few moments after the previous successful scan.

December 2018

  • Ability to add descriptive text to ticket types, appearing on ticket email and PDF.

  • You can now display custom messages when sales have ended or tickets have been sold out.

  • Added Portuguese support for the checkout process.

  • Tickets are now sent both as HTML and plain text emails.

  • Public event pages are now machine-readable, enabling event discovery websites to scape them.

November 2018

  • Volume discounts.

  • Added Dutch support for checkout process.

  • The mobile app supports printing nametags on ZPL compatible printers.

  • Add ability to track purchase stages in Google Analytics.

October 2018

  • Updated graphical overview of sales volume and sold tickets.

  • Overview of major referrals and buyer's geographical locations.

  • New Orders and Attendees tools, improved search.

  • Ability to add internal notes to orders.

  • Added French support for the checkout process.

  • Public API to get event details and display them on your website for example.

September 2018

  • Ability to set due time for invoices related to bank transfer payments.

  • Added German and Spanish support for the checkout process.

  • The mobile app displays the number of tickets validated vs tickets sold. For large events, data synchronisation now works much faster.

August 2018

  • A new and more flexible tool for handling discount codes.

  • Ability to set organiser contacts on a per-event basis.

  • Ability to add a custom message when re-sending tickets and invoices to buyers.

  • Order form fields can be displayed on the ticket.

July 2018

  • Usability improvements related to payment selection on the checkout page.

  • More detailed validations report.

June 2018

  • Ability to sell other services in addition to tickets.

  • Define multiple discount codes per ticket type.

  • Ability to display organiser's terms of service on the event page.

  • Option to send the buyer of multiple tickets all tickets in separate emails or in one mail.

  • Also, you can choose to create just one compound ticket.

  • The mobile app supports tickets issued by other ticketing providers.

  • The mobile app now has an offline mode.

  • The mobile app can be configured to display data asked from an attendee during registration.

  • The mobile app has an undo functionality.

May 2018

  • Dedicated environment for ticket resellers.

  • New option for ticket type: maximum number of tickets per order.

April 2018

  • Tool for issuing complimentary tickets.

  • Ability to show the number of available seats right on your organiser's website.

  • Support for all eurozone countries.

  • Added Lithuanian support for the checkout process.

March 2018

  • The buyer can request custom information to be added to the invoice.

  • Attendee report includes purchased ticket name and price.

  • Ability to check uniqueness when filling custom fields.

February 2018

  • Support for Google Ecommerce Analytics.

  • Usability enhancements.

January 2018

  • Finnish and Lithuanian payment methods.

December 2017

  • New Customers tool.

  • New Invoices report.

November 2017

  • Reworked event public webpage's behaviour and visuals.

October 2017

  • Ability to detect customer's country and town.

  • Option to keep the sold out ticket types in the list.

  • Improved multilingual capabilities.

  • Discount code column added to orders report.

September 2017

  • Embed mode: the whole checkout process can now be placed right on the organiser's own website.

  • Email notifications on each purchase including detailed information about the order.

  • Ticket types and events can be deleted.

August 2017

  • In addition to the .pdf attachment, the email sent to customers now includes everything needed to check-in: event name, date and time, venue, QR code, also custom text and image.

  • You can now customize the color of buttons and hyperlinks on the event page.

  • Ticket types can now be duplicated.

  • You can now hide private events from our homepage and search results.

July 2017

  • Discount codes for changing ticket normal prices.

June 2017

  • Enhanced mobile support: the whole checkout process now flows well and is usable on even the smallest mobile screens.

  • Google Analytics support, cross-domain tracking.

  • Added Finnish support for the checkout process.

  • Updated reports: now you can see the reports across all events, also we added customer's language to orders.

  • Moved the app to new servers.

Mai 2017

  • Started using a QR code instead of barcodes.

  • The name of the marketing channel is now saved to orders.

April 2017

  • New payment method: using normal invoice and bank wire.

  • Discount codes can now be entered from the checkout page.

  • Reports now display the most recent rows first.

March 2017

  • Custom fields and registration forms.

  • Amounts can now be changed with +/- buttons on the checkout page.

  • Uploaded images are now automatically resized.

  • Mobile app for ticket scanning.

February 2017

  • Added Latvian support for checkout process.

January 2017

  • Support for free events and ticket types.

  • Events can now be duplicated.

  • New payment method: Pocopay.

  • Automatic hyperlink detection in the event description.

December 2016

  • Reworked reports.

November 2016

  • We now send out invoices in the name of organisers.

  • Added Russian support for the checkout process.