Marketing tools

Google Tag Manager


Ensure you have a Google Tag Manager (GTM) account. If not, create one first.

Set up tracking in Fienta

Find your GTM Container ID, a combination of numbers and letters, usually in a format of "GTM-XXXXXXXXXX". In Fienta, go to Settings > Integration and paste your Container ID into the form. This action enables tracking on our system, ensuring that visits to your event page are sent to your Google Tag Manager account.


Fienta tracks these custom events:


The buyer has chosen at least one ticket.


The buyer proceeds to enter their contacts.


The buyer proceeds to choose a payment method.


The buyer has been forwarded to bank or credit card form.


The order is complete, and the buyer is presented with a 'thank you' page

Tracking purchases

Along with the 'fienta.purchase' event, we send the ticket quantity, order amount, and currency:

{ event: "fienta.purchase", quantity: 2, value: 20.00, currency: "EUR" }

GTM and embed mode

GTM tracking is effective regardless of whether you direct your customers to event pages on or use our embed mode to integrate the checkout process into your own website.

Unpublished events

For tracking to be effective, the event must be published. If you need to test the tracking before making the event available to your buyers, you can temporarily set the event as private and then publish it.