Reserved seating

Seating charts and reserved seating


Fienta supports the following options for venues with reserved seating:

  • Traditional floor plans with chairs and rows.

  • Sectors and floors.

  • Table reservation as a whole table or by individual chairs.

  • General admission areas and booths.

  • Additional objects and text on the plan - for example, mark the position of the stage or stairs.

  • Option to show the buyers a photo of the view to the stage from the selected seat.

How to add a seating chart to your event

  1. Enter your event on Fienta.

  2. Send us your chart as an image, pdf or xls file for example.

  3. We will add the plan to your event and let you know.

  4. You can create new events with the same chart by duplicating events.

Managing changes

In the "Reserved Seats" menu on Fienta, you will find the option to remove whole rows or individual seats from the sale for a specific event. For example, you can reserve a place for the sound mixer or manage group bookings.

Social distancing

If necessary, we can also assign different rules of the social distance to your event:

  • Limit the number of tickets available, so you can sell 50% of seats for example.

  • Limit the maximum number of people sitting together.

  • Automatically assign empty chairs to the sides as well as front and back for groups sitting together.

How much does it cost

An additional service fee is added per each sold or issued ticket.
Please see our price list for more details.

Entering seating charts by Fienta is free of charge.