Event page

Sharing multiple events

Page with all your events

You can also share a link to all your published events on one page. You can find it on the "All events" tab. By default, the "organiser-name" is a combination of numbers, but you can customise it. Note the "o" in the URL, which stands for "organiser".

Event series page

It is also possible to share a link to the event series page, where your customers can choose from the event times that you have listed.

You can find the link for sharing on the "Series" tab. Note the "s" in the URL, which stands for "series". The address is automatically created from your recurring event URL-s. To change it, you should edit all links of the events that are grouped in a series. Read more about recurring events and event series.

Displaying events from various organisers using a keyword or a phrase

You can share events from multiple organisers by searching for a specific keyword within the event title, description, or venue name


In the case of a phrase, connect words with a hyphen:


For multilingual events, you can specify the language in the link:



Show all events in Spanish that include “Elton John”:


Displaying events based on venue name

To share a link to events by different organisers taking place in a specific venue, use the following format:


This opens a page with all upcoming public events whose venue (not the address) contains the word "venue".

In case of a phrase, connect words with a hyphen:


You can also specify a preferred language:



Show events taking place at the Royal Albert Hall:


Show events in Dutch that take place at the Johan Cruijff Arena: