Promotion and sharing

Tracking referrers

Automatic referrers

HTTP referrer is an online website, platform or address which drives visits and visitors to your ticket sales page. When tickets are bought, Fienta automatically stores referrer name or domain, for example "Google", "Facebook", "" etc.

You can see an overview of top referrers on the event dashboard. For specific orders, check out the order details page or order related reports.

Custom referrers

Although fully automatic, HTTP referrers are not completely reliable because some web browsers and firewall software allow them to be disabled. Also in many cases, it would be best to use a custom name for the referrer, for example to distinguish between two separate campaigns on Facebook or track sales made by a specific reseller.

To use custom referrers, add ?ref parameter to your ticket sales link when sharing it. For example:

This value will be saved to order data which you can access through reports or order details page.