Adding team members

Once you sign up with Fienta, we create two accounts:

  • Organiser account, which is used to create events.

  • User account which you use to log in.

Multiple user accounts can access the same organiser account. To manage your users, go to “Settings” > “Users”:

Each user can be in one of the following roles:

  • Organiser (Account Owner) – can edit anything, access all events and reports, manage users, scan tickets and create POS sales.

  • Organiser – the same as above, but without the ability to manage users.

  • Validator – can only scan tickets of published events.

  • POS – can make reservations, sell tickets using the POS interface and access all organiser’s orders.

  • Reseller – can issue tickets on behalf of the reseller organisation and access all orders of their organisation.

If you need to add validator, POS or reseller accounts, write to us at [email protected].