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Refunds and cancelling orders

Refunding a single order

To cancel an order and refund the full amount to the customer:

  1. Find the order using the "Orders" tool.

  2. Click on the order number to view all of its details.

  3. Scroll down a bit and find "Refund order" button:

Refunds initiated by the ticket buyers

You can allow your buyers to request refunds by themselves. This is useful for example if you need to postpone your event and have to refund those who can't attend on the new date.

Turn on this feature on the "Advanced settings" page:

The order number in our ticket emails footer links to a private page which allows the buyer to manage their order. It now includes an option to request a refund:

Refunding the whole event

Instead of refunding each order manually, send us a message on the chat or write to [email protected], indicating the event you would like to refund.

It might be that we have already made you a payout for all or some of the sales. In this case, we will send you a calculation and instructions to pay it back, before proceeding with refund, and we will assist with this.

How do refunds work

After initiating a refund, the order will stay in "Refund requested" status until we have completed processing it. The money will be paid back to the same bank account which the buyer used to make the initial purchase. It may take a day to a week until the payment is completed, depending on the banks and the payment method.

Booked tickets/seats will be released to other buyers immediately after initiating the refund.

Along with the money, we will also send your buyer an email notification and a credit note.


Processing refunds and related bank payments are free of charge. However, please note that the fee you initially paid for processing the ticket purchase is non-refundable.