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Gift cards

In Fienta, you can sell gift cards with your own branding. The gift card owner can use these cards to pay for event tickets. 

There are two types of gift cards:

  • Gift cards valid for events from all organisers. When purchasing these cards, the purchase amount remains in Fienta’s account until the gift card is used.

  • Gift cards valid only for your events. When selling this kind of a gift card, the event organiser receives the money with the next payout from us, even if the card hasn’t been used yet. Due to financial risk, we currently only allow selected organisers to sell such gift cards. Please contact us to clarify if you could also sell them.

What the gift card looks like

The gift card is an A4-sized PDF file, which we send to the buyer after payment, who can then either print it out or digitally forward it to the recipient.

Buying the card works similarly to buying tickets. There will be a separate “event” page in Fienta for selling gift cards, where the buyer can choose from fixed values or choose their own gift card value.

Sample gift card event:

Sample gift card:

Gift card options

For your gift card, you can set the following:

  • Validity period in days – how many days the card is valid from the time of purchase.

  • Whether the card is for single use or multiple uses – if the full value of the gift card is not used in one purchase, whether the remaining amount can be used for subsequent purchases.

  • Header image with your branding, text, and/or logo.

  • Additional usage terms or additional information as text. Fienta includes a set of standard terms on the gift card, such as that it cannot be extended, returned, modified, or used to purchase other gift cards, and it can only be used in the specified currency.


If you want to sell gift cards in Fienta, first add a new event draft to your account:

  1. Set the title, description, and color, and upload the header image for the event page.

  2. Set the start time to the current date and the end time to a date in the future, for example, 10 years from now. We don't display these dates to the gift card buyer, but they are still needed for our database.

  3. For ticket types, enter the names and prices of the gift cards as integers. For example, "Gift Card 10", "Gift Card 50".

To finish setting up gift cards, send us:

  • Link to your gift card event draft.

  • Validity period of the gift card in days from the purchase date.

  • Whether your gift cards are for single use or multiple uses.

  • Whether you want any additional text displayed on the gift card (in the white area between the image and the footer).

  • Background image for the gift card design. You can find the dimensions of the file here.

Using the gift card

Using the gift card is similar to using a discount code. Each gift card has a unique code that the card owner can enter into the appropriate field on the ticket purchase page, after which the shopping cart amount is updated.


Information about issued gift cards and their usage is visible to the organiser in the gift card report.

Refunding an order paid with a gift card

Refunding an order that is paid with a gift card works  for the organiser the same way as refunding a regular purchase. In case of a refund, the gift card is either marked as valid again or the amount on the gift card is updated, and the card can be used again for another ticket purchase.