Transferring tickets to another event or date

The easiest way to transfer a ticket to another date or event is to cancel the original ticket and issue a free ticket to the other event. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Cancel the original ticket

Find the ticket on the order page, click on "..." and choose “Edit ticket”:

Choose "Cancel ticket" to cancel the ticket, increase the original event availability and release the seat if the event has reserved seating:

When cancelling a ticket, the corresponding sales and availability figures of the ticket type are adjusted accordingly, and if the event has reserved seating, the seat will also be released on the seating plan. Please note that cancelling a ticket does not automatically refund the money to the buyer.

2. Issue a free ticket to the new event

Go to your new event, open “Orders & tickets” from the left-side menu and choose "Send free tickets":

If needed, please see our article with more detailed instructions on sending free tickets.