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Validating EU Digital COVID certificates

Our mobile app can be used to scan EU Digital COVID certificates. Just point your camera to the certificate QR code the same way you scan tickets.

The certificate’s data is displayed on your smart device screen along with verified tickets, so you can keep a suitable distance from the visitor and do not have to use several apps or devices at the same time.

Which certificates are recognised

Our app recognises and displays all digital COVID certificates which are issued in European Union member states and comply with EU standards - vaccination, test, and recovery certificates.

Current limitations

In the current version, the app does not verify the digital signature of the certificate. In that sense, using our app is equal to a visual inspection of the certificate data. At the same time, it is more secure as forging the content of a QR code is way more complicated than changing the data in a PDF file or on paper.

How we protect privacy

The privacy of your customers is protected by the following measures:

  • The same data we extract and display is already readable on the certificate anyways.

  • The data in the QR code is decoded directly on the device. No data is sent, processed or stored on Fienta's or any other third party's servers.

  • The data is deleted from the device screen and memory one minute after scanning. The same is done immediately when validating the next ticket or medical certificate.

See more about our app.