Rainer Jancis (EE) / Viljandi Guitar Festival 2024

Thursday 10. October at 19:00

Estonian Traditional Music Center • Tasuja pst 6, 71011 Viljandi, Viljandi, Estonia

Rainer Jancis (EE) will perform at the Viljandi Guitar Festival on October 10.

Rainer Jancis is a guitarist and composer, known not only for his music with the famous rock band Metro Luminal but also for two acclaimed ballets he has composed over the years (“Dance Marathon,” “Rhinoceros” choreographed by Mai Murdmaa), both of which are major works featuring electric guitar used in various tunings and irregular time signatures. Additionally, Rainer is renowned for his spontaneous improvisational solo performances, where he creates music on the spot, and he has performed both in Estonia and abroad.

Rainer Jancis has come to the Guitar Festival to present his new vinyl record featuring a full-length solo performance, which includes a foot-operated drum kit he built himself, vocals, guitars in different tunings, and a special visual program, playing multiple instruments simultaneously.

“Guitar has always interested me as an orchestral instrument, and this is my take on a one-man band, which allows me to leave behind pre-recorded backing tracks and loopers and do it all myself in real-time,” adds the musician celebrating his fifty-fifth anniversary. “While drums and pedals have been used for foot-tapping before, I’ve developed a more refined method of controlling percussion. I also use real-time sampling of drum hits from my guitar playing, effectively becoming my own metronome.”

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Estonian Traditional Music Center • Tasuja pst 6, 71011 Viljandi, Viljandi, Estonia

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