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Ticket sales

Ticket types and prices

You can sell various types of tickets and set different prices.


You can set the number of available tickets for the whole event and for specific ticket types.

Sale times

You can set sale times for the whole event and for certain ticket types only. For example, you can create an Early Bird ticket for the first 100 buyers who complete a purchase before September.

Attendee registration

Registration forms

You can add custom questions to the ticket check-out page. For example, ask for the conference attendees' names, companies and dietary preferences.

Attendee list

A downloadable list of attendees with all the answered questions for data processing or emailing is always at your disposal.

Event page

Event page

Your event gets a dedicated page at Fienta. You can set its cover image, accent colour, event description, and map with directions.

A page with all your events

You also get a dedicated page which displays all your upcoming events.

Integrate with your website

You can embed the ticket check-out process into your website.

Mobile friendly

Fienta’s user experience is optimised for various mobile devices, so everything is usable and fits nicely on even the smallest screen sizes.

Optimal check-out

Our check-out process is free of clutter and unnecessary features. Your buyers do not need to register or sign-in.


You can sell tickets in one or multiple languages at the same time. We support English along with most European languages.

Event types

Free events

You can create forms to register attendees for free events such as seminars or tours.

Donations and events with editable prices

For donations, you can let the buyer enter a custom price. Optionally, set a minimum amount accepted.

Private events

You can mark your event as private and share a secret link with your audience.

Events with reserved seating

Fienta supports various seating charts with chairs, rows, sectors, floors, tables and boxes. There's also an option to show the buyer a view from a selected seat.

Online and hybrid events

We support on-site, online and mixed-format events. For online and hybrid events, you can use a dedicated event page in Fienta or redirect viewers to external platforms such as YouTube or Zoom.

Recurring events and event series

Recurring events get grouped automatically so the ticket buyer can choose from upcoming event times.

Events without ticketing

In addition to ticketed events, you can also list events with public attendance, such as free tours, open days or concerts in public spaces.

Events sold elsewhere

You can even list and promote events using other registration or ticketing platforms.


Data on the ticket

You can add your image and text to the ticket. For example, include the event schedule, map of the location or sponsor logos.

Mobile ticket

Our order confirmation email includes all the necessary information to enter the venue: event title, time, location, ticket name and QR code.

PDF ticket

We also attach a ticket in PDF format for those who wish to print it out.

Apple Wallet & Google Wallet

Buyers can add their tickets to Apple and Google wallets.

Payments and billing

Global payments

Your customers can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and several local payment methods.

Payment by invoice

Your buyers can also pay by manual bank transfer. After placing the order, we reserve the tickets and send out an invoice along with payment instructions. As soon as we receive the payment, we will release the tickets. We also send reminders to buyers who pass their payment due date.


You can sell your event tickets in EUR, USD and many other local currencies.

Built-in payment processing

All payment options are included in our price. As payment processing is part of Fienta, you do not need to sign up with any additional payment provider.

Sales invoices

When requested, we issue and send your buyer a sales invoice on behalf of your organisation.


You can cancel an order and refund a payment with a single click. We make the payment, issue a credit invoice and automatically notify your buyer. You can also enable an option that lets your buyers initiate a refund request themselves.

Flexible payouts

Our regular payouts work on a monthly basis, but you can always ask for additional payments at any time. From the payout, we deduct our fee and send you the corresponding invoice marked as "paid".

POS sales


Fienta's POS interface is web-based, so you can use it on any desktop/laptop, mobile or tablet to register sales.

Payment methods

You can register cash and card payments in the POS interface.


You can print tickets and receipts with a regular A4 format office printer or a special ticket printer with thermal paper blanks.

Issuing tickets for bookings

In addition to sales to new buyers, you can also issue previously booked tickets.


If you have partner organisations that issue your tickets, you can give them limited access to the POS interface.

Promote and share

Discount codes

You can create an unlimited number of different discount codes for each event. In addition, you can create discount codes that apply to all your upcoming events.

Hidden tickets

You can hide tickets from public visitors and show them only to those who know a secret code. This allows you to create special ticket categories for partners, volunteers or a marketing campaign.

Custom URL

You can adjust the web address of individual events, event series page and page for all your events, so it suits best for your audience and search engines.

Emailing buyers

You can use a dedicated tool to send event-related emails, such as event reminders or postponing notifications, to ticket holders.

Collecting newsletter consents

During the ticket purchase, you can ask your buyers for permission to receive future newsletters from you. Fienta keeps a list of consents, which you can download or integrate with mass emailing systems.

Sharing sales overview and participant list

You can share the sales overview and the list of participants with an artist, marketing agency or colleague, even if they do not have an account in Fienta.

Complimentary tickets

You can send complimentary tickets to your volunteers, sponsors or winners of social media campaigns.

Validating tickets

Mobile app

You can validate tickets using our free mobile app for iOS or Android.

Offline mode

Our app will continue to work in case of a missing or unstable internet connection.

Printing name tags

Our mobile app, paired with a special printer, can print various name tags at the venue.

Code scanner

There is also an option to combine a hardware code scanner with a computer to validate tickets.

Web-based check-in

You can check attendees in and out by searching for email, name, ticket code etc., in our web interface.


A real-time ticket validations report shows you the number of people who attended.


Change data at any time

You can change the event description, prices, availability and any other detail at any time, even when the sales have already started.

Manage orders

You can update customer information, re-send tickets and issue or update invoices.


You can book tickets and seats so the customers can purchase them later.

Team management

You can add users with different rights to your Fienta account, for example, event organisers with full access or ticket sellers and ticket validators with limited rights.


You can enable notifications to receive an email about each new ticket order.

Reporting and analytics

Sales reports

You can access comprehensive real-time reports on sales, refunds, tickets, invoices etc., across days, events and orders. There are also reports on attendees and validations.

Monitoring sales channels

You can add referral parameters to the links you share on social media and other platforms to get a clear overview of the efficiency of your marketing channels.

Web analytics

Use Google Analytics to dive deep into your marketing channels and customer behaviour. You can track your customer's journey from the event discovery to the order completion. Ecommerce Analytics even allows you to see your sales figures in Google Analytics.

Customer database

An overview of all your ticket buyers across all your events.

Data export

All reports and customer data can be downloaded in XLS format for additional processing. The data belongs to you - Fienta does not post or market anything to your customers.


Add event schedule to your website

You can manage all your events in Fienta and display the schedule on your website in line with your site styles and navigation.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you will get a detailed overview of sales channels' effectiveness and visitor behaviour.

Meta Pixel

With Meta Pixel, you can transmit data to Facebook about each visit to your public event page or various steps in the order process. This allows Facebook to create more effective ads.

Mass mailing systems

Through the integration platform, you can interface Fienta with various mass emailing platforms such as Smaily, Mailchimp, Moosend, Mailigen and others.

Streaming and conferencing platforms

Fienta can be easily integrated with video streaming and conference platforms such as Pine, Brella, Worksup, Videolevels and others.


You can transfer machine-readable data from Fienta to other systems by turning on webhooks for ticket orders, registrations, or validations.


Fienta is open to other software and platforms through a machine-readable API interface.

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