Where do your event ticket buyers come from? Use UTM parameters to find out.

Event promotion is your communication with your ticket buyers, and ticket purchase is the buyer's response to your message. To assess the effectiveness of your advertisements and marketing channels, use UTM parameters when directing users to the event ticket purchase page.

UTM parameters are tags added to a web address that are used for labeling links to precisely track the channel of ticket purchase. This allows you to monitor and evaluate the performance of advertisements, posts, campaigns, and marketing channels.

For example, through UTM parameters, you can find out how many ticket purchases come from a newsletter, a Facebook post, a paid advertisement in an online magazine, and so on. Additionally, you can compare the effectiveness of different channels or campaigns and banners published in the same channel.

In Fienta, you can see how many tickets were purchased through specific web pages or links marked with UTM parameters. The top referrers are visible on the event overview page, and a detailed list of purchases with parameters can be found in the marketing report.

By using UTM parameters, you can find out:

  • How many ticket purchases came through Facebook, Instagram, and newsletters.

  • How many ticket purchases came from websites vs email marketing.

  • How many ticket purchases came from different campaigns.

By comparing the data with your advertising expenses, you can assess the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Data-driven decisions are the key to your ticket sales success. Using UTM parameters is the easiest way to track the ticket purchase journey and get quick feedback on your marketing efforts.

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