The easiest way to sell tickets for venues

Add your event

Full control

Edit event details and prices, even when the sales have already started.

Reserved seating

Chairs, rows, sectors, floors, booths. Views from seats.

POS solution

Point of sale solution for issuing paper tickets at the venue.

Transparent fees

Transparent flat ticketing fee, which includes all bank and payment fees.

Add to your own site

Use event page in Fienta or embed the checkout process into your own website.

Open for everyone

List your event in Fienta, even if you are selling tickets elsewhere.

Invites & free tickets

Send invites and free tickets to your sponsors or volunteers, for free.

Marketing analytics

Check your sales channels, optimize marketing.

Free mobile app

Free mobile app for ticket scanning. Works even in places with unreliable connection.

Easy to use

After signing up you can publish your event and sell tickets within minutes.

Monthly payouts

We make payouts every month plus you can request additional payments at any time.

On-site and online

In-person, online and hybrid events. Live streaming.

Sell tickets in minutes

It's free, no credit card is needed. We only charge you a small percentage when you sell a paid ticket.

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