Pond Dipping at Kilsture Forest (Free)

Friday 12th July Afternoon session 13:00-15:00

Send your child on a quest to explore the ponds in Kilsture Forest. They will be dipping nets and learning about the ecology and biodiversity that exists within the water!

Your child will be in for a splashing good time at Kilsture Forest! Our Pond Dipping event is perfect for all young nature lovers aged 5-11. They will have the chance to get up close and personal with the beasties that call the pond home.
Our expert forest school practitioners; Toni and Pauline, who come from a wildlife management and conservation background, will help nature detectives to discover the fascinating ecosystem of the world beneath the surface.

At this Summer Fun Session, all parents and guardians are encouraged to join in on the fun and are more than welcome to stay. Children can be left unaccompanied if required. Don't let your child miss out on this opportunity to explore and learn in the great outdoors!

Attendees will learn about some of the freshwater beasties that can magically breathe underwater using their gills. Some, like human scuba divers, take their own supply of air ( contained in bubbles) underwater with them. Pond dipping, is a great way to encounter lots of different creatures while checking the quality of our local body of water, by learning to identify the key indicator species that maybe present. We will be collecting valuable ecological recordings during this session that will be used to help manage Kilsture Forest.

This Event is run in partnership with D&G Woodlands (using funds from The National Lottery Heritage Fund) and the Kilsture Forest Community Group (KFCG).



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This activity is for 5-11 year olds, please contact us if you have a query

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Toni Lamont -Summer Program Lead