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Eventbrite fee


5.5% + 0.99 USD per ticket
Plus Paypal fee in selected countries, source

Fienta's fee


3.5% per ticket, min 0.4 USD per order
Payment processing fees included, source

You earn


You save



Full-featured ticketing platform

Ticket types and prices

Multiple ticket types, prices and date ranges.

Checkout questions

Create various registration forms for your attendees.

Private events

Mark your event as private and share it with a secret link.


Sell event tickets in multiple languages.

Ticketing platform event details sample

Sell & Promote

Event page & embed

Promote your event page in Fienta or embed the checkout process into your own website.

Complimentary tickets & invites

Send invites and free tickets for free.


Issue unlimited number of discount codes.

Optimised for marketing

Designed to work with Google Analytics and Meta Pixel.

Selling tickets on your landing page

Online and hybrid events

Online event page

Combine a video player, chat and text to create an online event page in Fienta. Alternatively, redirect your buyers to other ticketing platforms.

Live streaming

Use with Youtube, Vimeo, Zoom, Facebook live, among others.

Ticketing online for hybrid events

Add any event, manage your full schedule

Events without ticketing

In addition to regular events, you can also list free tours or doors open days which do not sell tickets or register attendees.

Events sold elsewhere

You can even enter events which are sold on other ticketing platforms.

Recurring events

Event in series are grouped automatically.

Add event schedule to your website

You can manage all your events in Fienta and display the schedule on your website, in line with your site styles and navigation.

Collect payments

Accept payments globally

Credit card and regular invoice payments built in. No need to sign up with payment providers.

Invoice payments

Your customers can also pay by invoice, using bank transfer.

Automatic invoicing

Invoices are automatically generated and sent to your customers.

Monthly payouts

No need to wait until your event is over.


Account dashboard

A quick overview of sales and where it comes from.

Detailed reports

All your data organised into clear, precise reports, available for download.

100% data ownership

You are the sole owner of all data, we won’t contact or market to your customers.


View detailed information about your audience in one place.

Marketing dashboard analytics for event organisers


Free mobile app

Free mobile app for ticket scanning.

Tickets and COVID certificates

Scans and verifies both tickets and EU COVID certificates.

Offline access

Offline mode for places with unreliable internet connections.

Name-tag printing

Print attendee name tags on-demand.

Ticketing app with QR code reader
Cannes NEXT
B3 Biennale
Arvo Pärt Centre
MyData Online
React Finland
Lean Academy Portugal
Baltic Economic Conference
e-Governance Conference

Sell tickets in minutes

It's free, no credit card is needed. We only charge you a small percentage when you sell a paid ticket.

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Add your event