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Ticketing fee
Covers all the features except reserved seating and video live streams
per purchase, min 0.4 USD
Reserved seating Add 0.2 USD per ticket 0.2 USD per ticket
Video live streaming Add 1 USD + 11.5% per ticket -

Add 20% VAT when applicable. Read more

20% VAT on our prices applies to companies registered within the European Union (EU) without a valid VAT number and when billing to a private person. Customers based in Estonia are always subject to VAT.

VAT does not apply for companies registered within the EU with a valid VAT number and for companies outside of the EU.

The VAT on Fienta's fee only applies to our prices, not to the prices you sell your tickets to your customers with.

Zero payment fees

All bank, credit card and payment fees are included in our pricing. Most other platforms add these to their list price.

No buyer fees

We do not add anything on top of your ticket prices. Your buyers only pay the amount you ask them.

Free for free events

Register attendees, send confirmations and notifications, scan tickets, export and print out participant lists.

No hidden fees

There are no sign-up, monthly, or payout fees. We only charge you based on the actual ticket sales volume.

Built-in payments

Credit card and invoice payments are built-in. You do not need to sign-up with payment providers.

Flexible payouts

Usually, we pay out on a monthly basis, but you can always ask for additional payments at any time.

Sell tickets in minutes

It's free, no credit card is needed. We only charge you a small percentage when you sell a paid ticket.

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