What’s the Problem with Ticket Sites?

What’s the Problem with Ticket Sites?

We know how difficult it can be for you to get the attendance at your events that they deserve. We’ve been there, and we’ve built Fienta from the ground up based on what we know - that the ticketing marketplace has to change, and that we have the way for that to happen.

To show you why Fienta is the solution for all your event management needs, we thought it was worth looking at some typical difficulties faced by those selling tickets.

Ticket Sites Are Muddled

Look at many ticketing sites, and it’s as if they’re designed by someone who dislikes users. Event advertisements are piled on top of each other, with a baffling jumble of colours and shapes making an uninviting presence for visitors. 

Why is it like that? One reason is because event sites assume their role is discovery. It isn’t, not any more. Think about it: when you go to a ticketing site, are you looking for something specific, or just to browse? The likelihood is, it’s the former not the latter. 

The majority of sites feel the need to push you to as many events as possible, when evidence suggests that’s just not how people work. If you’re looking for Andrea Bocelli tickets in your city, you’re not also after cinema tickets at that moment.

Why do event sites offer so much choice that it eventually becomes clutter? It’s because they want to be Amazon. They want you to think “ah, I bought the concert tickets, and do you know what, I think I’ll go to the cinema that week too!” This is, in our view, completely misunderstanding the way people’s minds work. 

If you are looking for concert tickets, you want to be able to get on a site as quickly as possible, find them, buy them, and know that your data is being stored safely. That’s all. The ham-fisted upselling major ticketing sites try to perform is tiresome, because it doesn’t make other tickets more appealing, it just makes leaving the site as soon as the tickets are bought a necessity in the mind of the user.

From the user’s point of view, Fienta strips back the choices, meaning completing a transaction is a faster and more enjoyable process. From the event organiser’s point of view, the user data you need in which to understand who is attending is available to you in the site’s analytics as soon as a purchase is made.

Most Ticketing Sites Take a Huge Cut For Services

The main issue that we found again and again was that event organisers told us that it was almost not worth selling tickets through the largest ticketing sites, as those sites took such a large cut from every transaction that there was not enough money left over for the event to cover its costs. 

This is something we feel needs to change, and so at Fienta, we guarantee that we offer a fair deal to our customers. The leading ticket agencies have had it their way for too long. By only taking 3.5% + VAT, inclusive of payment fees, Fienta makes it affordable to stage an event, and ensures that it’s easy for you to stay within budget, whatever your constraints. 

Our competitors may promise your event extra exposure in exchange for a larger cut, but the truth is, you’re one in a huge number of other, perhaps similar, events, on there. The websites containing events are poorly organised, or sometimes impossible to navigate, and the search function is not always reliable in bringing up your event.

Fienta is different. Here, rather than just being part of a sausage factory, you get your own super-cool landing page for your event. It looks different because it is. You select the visuals, and let our sleek design do the rest, attracting attendees through its inviting looks. 

Given that we offer you a better place from which to sell your tickets, and we take less of the proceedings than our rivals, why would you go anywhere else?

With Us, Finding an Event is Easy, as is Purchasing a Ticket

Fienta is designed to show your event to everyone who visits the site in the area where it is being staged. Events are location-specific and feature clear details. Enter a keyword from the event name, and the user is taken straight to all relevant options, with no waiting. 

Buying a ticket is easy too. We felt that users had to jump through too many hoops to purchase tickets on other sites - often they were met with a confusing array of options, including a sign-in screen with a password that they often could not remember.

On Fienta, it’s much simpler. They enter how any tickets they want, their contacts, then they have the chance to go through to online banking to complete the payment. The only details we take from users are the ones you need in order to organise your event. 

The Key Takeout

If you want to organise an event, and you want people in your area to find it and to be able to buy tickets instantly, Fienta is your affordable, friendly solution.