Top 5 Event Ticketing Platforms for 2023 - Price and Feature Comparison

Which are the best ticket sales websites for your event? While the answer might vary based on the type and specific details of your event, there are a few universal things you might need to ask yourself when choosing a ticketing partner:

  • Ticketing Features: Does it support multiple ticket categories? Can you create registration forms? Can you collect donations? When you opt for an inflexible platform, you’re stuck with it!

  • Languages: Does it speak the language of your buyers? Does it help you when you need to sell in multiple languages?

  • Payments: Does it allow your customers to pay with the payment methods they are used to? How about issuing invoices - is it easy? 

  • Event types: Can you host an online or a hybrid event? Can you organise free events or events with reserved seating?

  • Marketing insight: Does it provide an overview of your sales channels? Does it help you to build your mailing list? Can it be integrated with your marketing tools?

  • Pricing: How clear is their pricing? Do you have to pay extra for payment processing? Is there additional fee for support?

Our list of top ticket sites

We have put together a list of five event ticketing platforms that we think you can't go wrong with. Although have their virtues and drawbacks, they all will save you a lot of time and make selling tickets one of the easiest things on your to-do list.


Eventbrite is one of the most popular online ticketing systems in the world. They are the industry standard against which all other modern ticketing platforms are measured when it comes to selling tickets online. Eventbrite is incredibly well-designed to help you buy and sell tickets to events. It allows you to create events easily and in a matter of seconds. However since they have been around for ages, some think they are a bit too complex to use.


  • User-friendly interface.

  • Integrates well with Facebook events so people can make a purchase without leaving Facebook. However, this only works for the most simple events.

  • It’s great for SEO and integrates well with social media.


  • Having been on the market for over a decade, the platform has grown significantly slow and messy to use.

  • According to Capterra reviews, many complain about their customer support quality.

  • Their fees are higher than other similar services and since they are publicly listed, we do not expect the fees to come down in the foreseeable future.

Cost:  5.5% + 0.69 € per ticket plus payment processing fees.


Best event ticketing platforms

Fienta is an easy-to-use platform that helps you to set up your event and start selling tickets in minutes. Compared to Eventbrite, it's simpler to use and also much more affordable. It is also the only platform that includes all payment processing fees in its pricing. 


  • Excellent customer support according to reviews in Capterra.

  • Offers many built-in marketing tools, designed to work with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

  • One of the lowest pricing models out there.


  • Lacks support for gift cards.

  • Being a new player on the market, not as well-known as the others.

  • No waiting list functionality.

Cost: Free for free events, 3.5% per ticket sold, all payment fees included.


Billetto is a forward-thinking ticketing platform that promises to give promoters an easy time, by taking the information they provide and generating an automatically SEO-optimised page. They create SEO tags and meta descriptions so you don’t have to worry about it. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel are easily integrated, too.


  • Fast, no-code event creation.

  • Includes a handy map of the area on the bottom of all listings.

  • Fully mobile-optimised for all devices.


  • Customers are often finding it hard to find the tickets they have bought according to reviews in Trustpilot.

  • When refunding a ticket, the customer does not get the full amount of their money back. Billetto refunds all tickets on event cancellation minus any fees for their services.

  • Money is received by the organiser only after the completion of the event.

Cost: 3.90% + 0.49 € per ticket, only basic payment methods are included.


Yapsody is a live entertainment and event ticketing company focused on providing hospitality enterprises such as casinos and independent presenters with customized end-to-end solutions for leveraging concert entertainment. 

With no subscription fee, Yapsody promises to allow users the chance to control every aspect of their event management, from ticket sales to branding, under one tent, making this a versatile platform for promoters who are likely to make multiple event listings on a regular basis.


  • Supports over 10 payment gateways, meaning that you can switch platforms without switching how you take payments.

  • Invoices can be paid with either a credit card or PayPal.

  • Integration with both WordPress and Wix.


  • Organisers say that they’re having trouble with Yapsody’s reports according to reviews in Capterra.

  • They also say that the webpage is not that mobile-friendly.

Cost: 1.75% + 0.59 € per ticket. To accept payments, you need to sign up with a 3rd party payment provider. In case of Stripe, the cheapest option to accept cart payments is 1.4%  + 0.25 €.


Universe is a global ticketing system with the added bonus of promoting your event on Ticketmaster. Thanks to its partnership with Ticketmaster, it is easy to create event listings for venues covered by that company. Their dashboard is detailed and allows marketers to draw the analytics they need, while there is full integration with payment service providers such as Stripe.


  • A nice and clean user interface to sell event tickets, similar to Fienta.

  • Offers the ability to change details on the event listing in real-time.

  • Questions can be added at checkout to customise the purchase flow.


  • Not available in all countries.

  • According to G2, “many of their features have gone downhill, from ticket integration to customer service to overall quirky software.”

  • No widget or button integration for websites.

Cost: 7% + 0.50 € per ticket, plus payment fees. For example 2.00% for card payments.

Let's compare prices

Ticketing fee for comparable features, without reserved seating

Total cost for selling 15 tickets to 50 event attenders


5.5% + 0.69 € per ticket

Plus payment fees

72.00 €


3.5% per ticket,
minimum 0.4 € per order

All payment fees are included in the price.

17.50 €


3.90% + 0.49 € per ticket

Only basic payment methods are included in the price

44.00 €


1.75% + 0.59 € per ticket

To accept payments, you need to sign up with a 3rd party payment provider. In case of Stripe, the cheapest option to accept cart payments is 1.4%  + 0.25 €.

57.75 €


7% + 0.50 € per ticket

Plus payment fees. For example 2.00% for card payments

70.00 €

Okay, so which ticketing platform is best?

While we’re obviously biased toward Fienta (with good reason!), we created this list as objectively as we possibly could. These are the competitors we admire and compare ourselves to. You won't be disappointed if you opt for any of them.

If you wish to give Fienta a test drive, create your first event here.