Our ticket scanning app can now be used to validate EU Digital COVID certificates

Fienta is probably the first ticketing platform in Europe to have a ticket verification mobile app that also supports validating COVID medical certificates.

Our app recognises and displays all digital COVID vaccination, test and recovery certificates issued in the European Union member states and complying with the EU standard.

Certificate QR codes are scanned the same way and using the same user interface as ticket verification. Thanks to that, the person at the gate doesn’t have to use several different applications or devices and can just point the camera to whichever code is shown by the attendee.

"We wanted to shorten queues and make the lives of event organisers easier as soon as we heard that event attendance will be restricted to people with certificates," said René Lasseron, CEO of Fienta.

For the time being, the app does not verify the digital signature of the certificate. In that sense, using our solution is equal to a visual inspection of the certificate data. However, it is far more secure as forging the content of a QR code is way more complicated than changing the data in a PDF file or on paper.

We protect the privacy of attendees by decoding QR codes directly on the device. No data will be sent, processed or stored on Fienta or any third-party servers. The data is also removed from the device screen and memory one minute after scanning. Also immediately when checking the next ticket or medical certificate.

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