Working with All Events, on All Platforms

Here at Fienta, we are always looking out for ways we can make your ticketing experience as smooth and seamless as possible.

To this note, we’ve introduced yet another innovation that we think will revolutionise the way you advertise events, and make life much easier for you and eventgoers alike. You can now list events at Fienta even if the tickets for those events are being sold elsewhere, or even if there is no ticketing or registration at all.

Why are we doing this?

There are a few reasons why we believe this makes sense for everyone concerned. One is because it gives event organisers who have not, until now, used Fienta, the opportunity to manage a year-round schedule for their venue from Fienta.

This makes infinitely more sense than placing events on a rival ticketing site, and then having to maintain a morass of calendars and scheduling apps for their own purposes. As Fienta’s users have consistently found, Fienta takes the strain when it comes to arranging everything behind-the-scenes, allowing the event organisers to get on with the important business of making the event as good as it should be.

In addition, our rivals, focused as they are, purely on short-term profit, are unable to deliver this kind of time-saving venture for event organisers and venue owners. If you post your event on the longstanding ticketing sites, there’s no long-term payoff for you. They don’t provide you with year-round scheduling support, and they expect exclusivity on your part. We’re not interested in exclusivity, what we want is to help as many people as possible, something we think you’ll appreciate.

We’re also helping events without ticketing

So far we’ve talked about events that issue a finite number of tickets for an event of a set capacity, but we also want to help the events that don’t have a limit on admission. For example, free festivals, and events in public parks, may not always issue tickets, but they may still want to take advantage of Fienta’s unique event-management interface, and the clean, streamlined landing page you can create using Fienta for your event. 

The good news is, you can now do this, and it’ll look like all the great event pages displayed on Fienta, with the difference that you won’t have options on the page for ticket selection or payment process. The advantage of this for non-ticket event organisers is they can get the same level of promotion that paid-admission events get, meaning potentially a much bigger crowd for their events, new interest in what they’re promoting, and an easy-to-generate webpage to share on all social platforms as promotion for the event. It’s a win-win situation for all organisers, and we’re very pleased to offer our services to more people than ever before.

That’s not all - we now support events across platforms

Promoting your event on a rival ticketing site? That’s no problem. If the registration or payment process is handled by another platform, you can continue to host your event there, but also on Fienta. 

This means you get to maintain existing relationships with third parties who have handled your event marketing business up to now, but in addition you can find out for yourself the benefit of Fienta’s approach to ticketing and to event advertising. 

Of course we appreciate that you may have placed your events on another platform before now, and that it might be important to you to keep your loyal customers coming to the same place they’re used to. Still, we are confident that when you’ve tried Fienta, you’ll understand how much it benefits your business and brings added interest to whatever event you’ve created.

It’s not only the clear, easily understandable layout we use that we think anyone wishing to attend your event will love, it’s also the ease of finding your event amongst so many others. As we’ve said before “the trouble with ticketing sites”, there are so many competing events on the majority of ticketing sites that it all leads to a situation where people who may potentially be interested in attending your event, but did not previously know about it, are deterred from buying a ticket. 

This might be due to the complex interfaces of many ticketing sites, but a bigger reason is because the lack of an adequate system of location and date filtering on the sites means there’s almost no chance that users will randomly stumble across your event. The older players are focused on channelling people through their system to the event they want, but the sites are not built for discovery.

Fienta is different. When you promote an event here, it’s easy for people to find it through search, either on-site or through a search engine, but it’s also incredibly simple for new potential eventgoers to find something they might love, by looking through the logically-ordered events in their area. With a far less ‘busy’ and crowded look than our rivals, we also encourage people to stay for a little bit longer, and see what’s available. 

We believe you’ll notice the difference when you start promoting your event through Fienta. 

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