Store your tickets in a digital wallet

You can now store Fienta tickets in both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet applications. We added support for Apple more than a year ago, and keeping tickets in a digital wallet turned out to be unexpectedly popular among buyers. From August, the same option is now available to Android device users.

Fienta sends the tickets to the buyer by email, which contains the event information and QR code. Tickets do not need to be opened separately or downloaded from the attachment, showing the email at the door is enough. In addition, the email also includes a link to save the ticket to the digital wallet. This way, tickets are not only quickly found from the phone, but the application also reminds the event by displaying tickets on the home screen.

A Wallet, or digital wallet, is a mobile application that allows you to store event tickets, gift and boarding cards, and bank cards all in one place.

By adding your bank cards, customer cards etc. to the digital wallet, you can attend the event with just your phone.

Apple Wallet works with iOS and Google Wallet with Android devices.