Workshop with Lux Dodgy: Drama Design for Burlesque

Sat 16. October 2021 at 13:00 - 15:00

Müstika tantsustuudio · Tatari 6, 6. korrus, Estonia

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Duration: 2 h
Language: English
Location: to be announced

Description: How do you pack the rush of an action movie into the space
of a burlesque number? This workshop looks at the process Lux uses for
designing acts that pack an emotional punch, whether your goal is to
leave your audience wistfully breathless or empowered and screaming.
We'll talk about the story, experience design and the key role emotion plays
in both of these. We'll look at practical tools based on literary
theory, lessons we can take from other art forms like text and
videogames, ways to create and direct emotion, and then apply it all
together to shape our projects into a brighter and more impactful form.

What to bring: A notebook (if you want to take notes), and an idea that
you're ready to discuss and work on - things that you're stuck with are
especially welcome.

About the teacher: Lux Dodgy - A relative newcomer to the burlesque scene (2019), Lux has been writing award-winning science fiction since the late '90s. The workshop draws on their experience as a writer, a master's degree in
literature and linguistics, and years of workshopping storytelling with
aspiring writers and game designers. They perform solo and as part of
the duo Hasard DeLux with their partner Hasard le Sin.

To participate please bring your COVID-19 Certificate

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Müstika tantsustuudio • Tatari 6, 6. korrus, Estonia

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