💖 THE AUTHENTIC POWER OF HEART 💖 ✨Akashic Records Lightfulness Online Experience ✨

Wednesday 12. June at 19:30 - 22:00 CEST



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The energy of Light and the Sacred Akashic Records await to guide you on a journey,
deep into the power of your heart 💗
Authentic heart power transcends fear and doubts.
It is a force that cannot be shaken.
Authentic heart power transmute everything what is painful and heavy into the Light ✨

Discover the authentic power of your heart, which will align you with your true self.

By Akashic Records meditation, we will lead you to open your heart and connect with yourself.
By Lightfulness ability we will open your heart to your true authenticity.
The Lightfulness will release all the burdens you carry to show you who you really are ✨✨

Step into the realm of infinite possibilities as you harness the authentic power of the heart and ignite your inner light, by participating in this transformative journey 🫶


We look forward to seeing you with much love 💞

Dani & Kasia

WEDNESDAY 12th of June at 19:30 CEST Time
Duration: 2,5h
Participation: 16 EUR
The link to the google meet will be provided together with the ticket purchase.

Things to Note:
To fully connect and go through the experience, please find a quiet place, where you can disconnect from the environment. We will be in the group but also there will be a moment where we will meditate with each of you, to connect you deeper into your heart and emotions in your body, therefore please have a camera and microphone available 🙂

Things to have with you:

✅Glass of water
✅Cristal, stone, or any object you are connected to
✅Journal/Notepad and pen

About Dani Herbs:

Dani Herbs is a Brazilian healer and Master of Reiki and Akashic Records, with over 1000 sessions in her journey, conducted in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. For 6 years, she has been offering trainings to people worldwide. Dani believes society has long misrepresented love as a weakness. Through her work, she provides tools to help individuals become their own guides and recognize love as their greatest strength. She uses cacao, the love medicine, as the catalyst to open the door to this transformative process.

About Kasia Kontek:

I am an empath. I have always felt the energy, vibrations of places and people, although for a long time I didn't pay much attention to it.
My own health problems and the suffering associated with it made me learn more deeply and analyze the phenomena I was experiencing, looking for all possible ways to heal myself. My spiritual awakening occurred at the end of 2019 and has changed my life at every level with lightning speed.
I am interested in quantum medicine and alternative healing methods, especially through the energy work.
I have the title of Reiki Master. I also completed numerous courses on energy and extrasensory perception work.
In my sessions I use elements of various methods, mainly: Family Constellations, Phantom Surgery - Quantum Medicine, Recall Healing, Mindfulness, Psychosomatics, Reiki, Akashic Records and Breathwork.
For almost two years now, I have been leading energy sessions, both individual and group ones, which I call Lightfulness ✨
Lightfulness is a space of pure light where both, myself and the person coming to me, can see ourselves in our true authentic selves. This allows us to perceive what is not visible to us on a daily basis and heal those parts of ourselves, both physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in every dimension.
The main element of my sessions is helping people discover their true selves and accompanying them during the process of transformation to deep authenticity and living life in full potential. Working with the heart field is closest to me.
I love the feeling of peace, harmony and love in my heart! I believe that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance is the basis for proper functioning. Turning into ourselves and internal work in the healing process, guarantees effectiveness and a happy balanced life.