A performance about the desire to jump into the waves, the desire to dive and touch the bottom

Performed in Swedish 17 and 18.8
Performed in Finnish 24 and 25.8

The performance centres around the waves of the Baltic Sea, which in turn circles around a changing, performing, playing, forgoing and relinquishing human being.

In the spirit of Homer, the work reaches across many times and spaces, past and future, fantasy, dreams. It reaches to the underworld and under the surface.

The performance takes place on the beach, and in the sea. The performance is interdisciplinary, rich in sonority, and powerfully visual. It gently welcomes participation. The Swell working group consists of artists with various backgrounds. Their work comes together as an experiential and multisensory entity.

Swell is an independent continuation to the piece Asphodel’s Meadows, which premiered at Hangö Teaterträff festival in 2022. Asphodel’s Meadows was born out of the need to create an emotional relationship with the Baltic Sea, the need to look at the sea through an artistic process. Swell was born out of the need to deepen this relationship, to look at the sea and into the sea even more closely.

Viirus theatre