jaZZanti concert: The Watercolors: ”La Grande Odyssée” record release concert

Hakasalmen huvila, Helsinki

Founded in 2018, The Watercolors is a jazz band that interprets the compositions of oboist Janne Saarinen, and has recently grown to 7 members. In addition to oboe, the unique line-up includes violin, viola, cello, vibraphone, double bass and drums. With their music, the band paints melodic “jazz watercolours”, which combine jazz’s spontaneous improvisation, rich harmonies and swinging rhythms, and, on the one hand, timbres familiar from art music.

Eclipse Music will release The Watercolors’ second album on March 8. The band’s musicians are known, e.g. Sointi Jazz Orchestra, Joonas Tuuri Quartet, Alder Ego, Uxila Exile and Trio Nox and Cafe de Ajebas bands.

Janne Saarinen: oboe, English horn, compositions
Aino Rautakorpi: violin
Helena Dumell: viola
Saara Viika: cello
Ilkka Uksila: vibraphone
Joonas Tuuri: double bass
Joonas Leppänen: drums

Photo: Teemu Mattson

The concert is supported by City of Helsinki, Svenska Kulturfonden, The Finnish Music Foundation and The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).

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