Le Open Stage, Fri 25.01

Fri 25. January 2019 at 20:00 - 22:00

Doors open at 19:00

Heldeke! · Tööstuse 13, Tallinn, Estonia

Le Open Stage - this is your chance to shine in the spotlight or to be dazzled by those who want to shine in the spotlight. We bring you the repertoire of the unexpected.

MC: Dan le Man.
Performing: whoever wants to perform

Doors: 19:00
Show: 20:00

Language: English, Estonian, Mandarin
Tickets: Free to get in, pay to get out.

★To register to perform at Le Open Stage, contact dan@heldeke.ee or just turn up!

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E-mail: dan@heldeke.ee


Heldeke! · Tööstuse 13, Tallinn, Estonia

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