Long Day Tomorrow / DocPoint 2020

Fri 31. January 2020 at 19:30 - 20:50

Cinema Artis, hall 2 · Estonia pst 9

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Long Day Tomorrow is director Paweł Wysoczański’s humane documentary about a Polish doctor, who has dedicated her life to helping other people.

Helena Pyz moved to India 30 years ago to care for the patients at Jeevodaya centre suffering from leprosy.

Pyz’s tough attitude and temperament are apparent both when she tries to persuade the patients to take their medication and when she fights for the future of Jeevodaya. The conflict is heated, as the new director of the centre is more inclined to making money than helping the poor.

The director also reaches Pyz’s gentle side. Especially touching are the moments between the children, to whom she provides care and protection. The documentary reveals India’s unrelenting caste system and the externality of those who don’t belong to it: after all these years the locals haven’t accepted Pyz.

Long Day Tomorrow is a pungently topical and empathetic depiction of one woman’s mission and dedication towards helping others.

Maria Lättilä (Translation: Maiju Jouppi)

Language: Polish, English, Hindi
Subtitles: English

Name in Original Language: Jutro czeka nas długi dzień / Long Day Tomorrow
Director: Paweł Wysoczański
Country: Poland
Year: 2019
Length: 80
Cinematography: Bartosz Bieniek
Editing: Piotr Krygiel
Music: Michał Lorenc
Production: Black and White Productions

Cinema Artis, hall 2: Friday, 31.01 - 19:30

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Cinema Artis, hall 2 · Estonia pst 9

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