Holi Day - Holistic event

Sunday 5. May at 13:00 - 20:00

Wijkhuis Oost • Boerhaavelaan 79, 3112 LD Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Welcome to Holi Day - a unique celebration of balance and personal development! It's an extraordinary event that invites you to explore new techniques to improve your well-being and foster growth on multiple levels.

Begin your journey at workshops where experts share their knowledge on various personal development techniques. Discover the secrets of meditation, mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, and the art of assertiveness. It's an opportunity to deepen your skills and broaden your horizons in personal development.

If you care about your health and nutrition, meeting with a dietitian will be invaluable. Learn more about the principles of healthy eating, dietary balance, and how to provide your body with essential nutrients. Explore the secrets of a balanced diet that supports your development and well-being.

Don't forget about physical activity! Sports activities are a great opportunity to strengthen your body and mind. Whether you prefer dynamic workouts or gentle yoga, Holi Day offers a variety of activities tailored to your needs and preferences.

The marketplace is the heart of the event, where you'll meet local producers and experts offering products and services that support a healthy lifestyle and personal development. Browse stalls featuring natural cosmetics, organic food products, clothing, and accessories in the no waste style, which will not only be a testament to your individual style but also support your journey to harmony and balance.

Join us at Holi Day and treat yourself to a day full of inspiration, health, and personal development in an atmosphere brimming with positive energy!

Wijkhuis Oost • Boerhaavelaan 79, 3112 LD Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

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