Ukraine Solidarity ONLINE Screening #7 / Vadym Ilkov “Waltz Alchevsk”

Esmaspäev 14. märts 2022 kell 20:00 - 23:30 EET

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On Monday, 14.03 at 20:00 (EET) we are hosting our seventh online screening of the documentary by Ukrainian filmmaker Vadym Ilkov. All the raised funds will be transferred to the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. Currently they are supporting Ukrainian film community, who are documenting the events of the war in Ukraine.

Vadym Ilkov is a cinematographer and director, born in Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine. Graduated from Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film & Television, he was working as a lead cinematographer at plenty of features, documentaries and animation films. Additionally to filmmaking, Vadym initiated the first open-air art festival «Sheshory», influencing Ukrainian cultural landscape.
«Waltz Alchevsk» is the film-debut of the director.

•••“Waltz Alchevsk”, 2014, dir. Vadym Ilkov•••
documentary, 54 min

May 2014. A poet Serhiy Zhadan, a composer Oleksiy Vorsoba, a musician Vlad Kreymmer, and performance director Olha Mykhaylyuk have gathered near the town of Alchevsk, Eastern Ukraine, to work on the musical and literary production entitled ‘Punctuation’. Everything is going on in waltz time.

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