Ukraina solidaarsuskino #14 / fragility. / Ukrainian Shorts Screening in Tallinn

Neljapäev 16. juuni 2022 kell 19:00 - 22:00 • Kopli 27, 10412 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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eˉlektron started its Ukraine Solidarity Screenings program in the very beginning of March. Dozens of people have joined us, donated and paid tribute to Ukrainian artists.

Many of the films we were screening weren’t the easy ones. They would bring us even closer to the war that is already an ever present weight in the lives of many. But at times like these we believe that not averting our gaze from reality is crucial. To keep looking, with empathy and care, is to recognize Ukraine’s subjectivity. And the attempt to get to know the life of the other is the least we could do.

On 16 June at 19:00 we invite you to share this time with us shoulder-to-shoulder in our studio at Kopli, 27 in Tallinn. Let’s come together for a collection of short films reflecting the fragility of our everyday lives, of cultures, cities, and worlds we build for ourselves.

We’ll get a glimpse into the life of Crimean Tatars and into the transformation of Mariupol during the past decades. We’ll witness a museum in Eastern Ukraine narrating itself, and a young couple fleeing the war and creating stories for strangers.

In the program:

“Return at Down” (2013), by Nariman Aliiev
fiction drama, 19 min

“Territory of Empty Windows” (2020), by Zoya Laktionova
documentary, 10 min

“People’s Museum of Avdiivka” (2018), by Piotr Armianovski
documentary, 6 min

“24” (2016), by Stanislav Bytiutskyi
fiction drama, 38 min

All of the funds gathered during the event will go to Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund, an institution supporting independent artists, curators and cultural workers of Ukraine.

Get your ticket and donate.

WHEN: 16/06/2022, at 19:00
WHERE: eˉlektron studio, Kopli, 27, Tallinn

All of the films are with English subtitles.
Approximate duration of the event: 90 minutes

We want to thank the artists and Takflix platform for providing the works for this screening.

Osta pilet • Kopli 27, 10412 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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