Coming out! Disaster Blaster

Sat 3. October 2020 at 19:30 - 22:30

Doors will open at 18.30

Heldeke! · Tööstuse 13, Tallinn, Estonia

Finally coming out of our closet for a test run: Disaster Blaster!🔥

đź’ĄOne Big event in Heldeke! Bar
Let us get our game on and play or even buy a copy of a complete game once you fall in love with the game like we did.

âš«What is the game about?
Easy: A danger awaits you and your friends behind every corner. Tornadoes, earthquakes, thunderstorms, and other terrible disasters are ready to crush unsuspecting players. A competitive card game for 2-6 players. Each player receives a unique hero and a fate filled with unexpected life-threatening events. It's up to you to face your destiny or to pass it to your friend and be on your merry way.

đź”´The event is free for all!
There will be sample games for playing and snacks to munch on.
Most importantly you can buy great drinks at the bar. Thay has sth for any taste alcoholic or not.

So drop by and let us have a great deal of fun with Disaster Blaster

âť—This event is run at restricted capacity
If you're feeling unwell then we recommend you stay home, isolate and seek professional advice.




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Heldeke! · Tööstuse 13, Tallinn, Estonia

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